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Here we go, this is a match-up of heavy hitters. This Thursday night tilt is between the (1-1-1) Minnesota Vikings and the undefeated (3-0) Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are coming off a win against the Chargers that was an offensive explosion with over 60 combined points. The Vikings on the other hand are coming off a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Bills who are toted as the worst team in the league. Needless to say we’d get to see how Minnesota responds to the bad loss, either they’d crumble again or they’d unseat another undefeated team. These are 2 of the top offensive squads in the league and they sure didn’t disappoint. We have 2 of the best young quarterbacks in the league in Kirk Cousins, and Jared Goff. This had all the makings of a defensive nightmare, makings that would turn into reality. Now without further delay let’s get to the action in this Thursday night shootout.


Oddly enough we didn’t see scoring until about half way through the first quarter. It would be the Vikings drawing first blood on a touchdown throw from Kirk Cousins to Aldrik Robinson. It looked all to easy as Robinson was wide open for the 7-0 Vikings lead. The Rams weren’t content to stay trailing as they would score a major of their own. Jared Goff would find his running back in 1-on-1 coverage and Todd Gurley would haul it in giving us a 7-7 tie game. Dan Bailey would respond for the Vikings in the second quarter by kicking through a 37 yard field goal to make it a 10-7 Vikings lead. Los Angeles would not be content with the deficit and would get a 70 yard touchdown in response. Jared Goff would find a mismatch in the coverage and connect with Cooper Kupp who would take it the distance, giving the Rams their first lead of the game at 14-10. The next score would come from Minnesota and it would be Aldrik Robinson again. This one would be a bit more difficult but none the less it would give the Vikings back the lead at 17-14. The lead was short lived however as Goff would send another airmail to Cooper Kupp in the endzone. The pass would thread just over the defenders heads and into the awaiting arms of the intended target for the 21-17 Rams lead. They weren’t done there either as Brandin Cooks would then get his first touchdown as a Ram as Goff would send a longbomb down field. Cooks would get a step on the defender and catch it in the endzone for the 28-17 Rams lead. The Vikings would get within a single score before the end of the half as Bailey would knock home a 39 yard attempt sending this one to the half at 28-20 Rams.

The third quarter saw the Rams expand their lead. First they put home a field goal from Sam Ficken at 37 yards out making it a 31-20 score. Minnesota would pull within a field goal though as Cousins would connect with Adam Thielen who’d bulldoze his way to the endzone. The 2-point convert was successful making it a 31-28 score. That’s when the Rams would answer with a major of their own. Goff would toss a touchdown strike to Robert Woods giving the Rams the 38-28 lead after the third. As much as the Vikings pushed for the tie all they could muster in the fourth was a 40 yard field goal making it a 38-31 Rams final. Minnesota had a chance with 2 minutes left, but the Rams caused a fumble and sealed the game.


This game was an airshow having a combined 8 passing touchdowns. Starting with Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins who went 36/50 for 422 yards and 3 touchdowns. His counterpart Jared Goff had a sensational game going 26/33 465 yards which is a Thursday Night Football record, and 5 touchdowns! Minnesota didn’t really have a running game at all as Cousins lead that as well with 28 yards on 4 carries. For the Rams Todd Gurley didn’t have any rushing touchdowns but he did rack up 83 yards on 17 carries. There were 5 total receivers with over 100 receiving yards! For the Vikings it was Adam Thielen (135 + 1 touchdown) on 8 catches, and Stefon Diggs (123) on 11 catches. The Rams had 3 with Cooper Kupp (162 + 2 touchdowns) on 9 catches, Brandin Cooks (116 + 1 touchdown) on 7 catches, and finally Robert Woods (101 + 1 touchdown) on 5 catches. Dan Bailey was a perfect 3/3 on kicking for the Vikings, whereas Sam Ficken was 1/2 on the day.

Stay tuned to see how your favourite team does in Sunday Night Football, and on Monday we have the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs taking on the Denver Broncos.

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