Nick Creegan Talks Playing The Joker on Batwoman (EXCLUSIVE)

Nick Creegan Talks Playing The Joker on Batwoman
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Nick Creegan plays the mysterious Marquis Jet, also known as the new rendition of The Joker for the CW’s Batwoman. Creegan is able to bring a fresh new take on the character, not only as a brand new take on the Joker but as the first Black actor to dawn the mantle.


Batwoman’s Nick Creegan Interview

The Agents of Fandom discuss with Nick the importance of representation, as well as what he’s looking forward to bringing to the role. Mental health is a common theme of the interview, as Creegan speaks openly about his strategies to keep healthy. Nick also discusses the background of Marquis Jet, the push for Batwoman season 4, and some potential nicknames for his character.


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After the departure of Ruby Rose, there were rumors of a toxic set early on in production of Batwoman. However, Creegan detailed to the Agents of Fandom just how wonderful the camaraderie is on the set of Batwoman. Championing the show’s diversity, Creegan had high praise for everyone involved with the cast and crew.


Is Nick A Fan Like One Of Us?

Being the nerds that they are, the Agents of Fandom couldn’t help but dive into other areas of Fandom lore with Creegan. He goes on to discuss his favorite Marvel and Star Wars characters, and those he wishes to portray in the future. Like other actors who have portrayed the Joker such as Mark Hamill and Jared Leto, the future is bright for the possibility of a Nick Creegan fandom crossover.

One of the interview’s highlights was Creegan’s story about meeting Jared Leto. Creegan gives the Agents his best tips for approaching celebrities at Hollywood parties. Additionally, he told them how he learned from Leto’s acting style, and detailed his experience meeting him. With more diversity and representation needed in pop culture, Nick Creegan gives a refreshing take on the Joker. He brings a charm and charisma to the role in a way we haven’t yet seen. Even just for his character alone, the Agents of Fandom are hoping for a Batwoman Season 4.


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