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6 Iconic Nickelodeon Shows That Should Be Rebooted

6 Iconic Nickelodeon Shows That Should Be Rebooted

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Nickelodeon shows are not just fun to watch but sometimes it also teaches you many things. Not only kids but grown-ups also love them. Nickelodeon canceled so many shows and broke the hearts of so many fans. Here are 6 Iconic Nickelodeon Shows That Should Be Rebooted.

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Sanjay and Craig

 The show followed a 12-year-old Sanjay and his best friend Craig. Craig was a talking snake. It aired for 3 seasons between 2013 to 2016 and then it got canceled by the network.

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 The Angry Beavers

 The Angry Beavers was created by Mitch Schauer and aired from 1997 to 2001. The show was considered one of the most creative, funny, and imaginative. It revolved around two beavers who recently moved out of their parent’s home and start to live on their own. The fan went crazy and was devastated when Nickelodeon announced to end the series. 

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 Danny Phantom

Fans are so eager to see the return of Danny Phantom. The show was followed by a teenager named Danny who transformed into half-human and half-ghost. Nickelodeon canceled the show in 2007 but Hartman has uploaded Danny Phantom: The college Years on his youtube channel. 

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Hey Arnold

It is definitely the best beloved show that Nickelodeon has ever produced. The show aired a hundred episodes and told stories that were really human and touching, unlike other shows which were just made for kids. The show has so many loose ends which makes it the perfect show to get rebooted because fans are eager to see what happened to Arnold as he has grown up and seeing him in high school will be so much fun.

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KaBlam is an animated sketch comedy that aired from 1996 to 2000. Two kids named Henry and Josh hosted the show. It’s considered as coolest Nicktoon aired ever on Nickelodeon. 

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Drake & Josh

It was canceled in 2007 and since then the rumors of a reboot have been floating around. The show was about two stepbrothers who were forced to live together and get along. In 2019 Both Drake & Josh have said that they are working together but didn’t talk about the reboot. It would be fun to see both of them now as they have grown up and the situations and problems will be different for them to deal with.

Written by Ramya Khera