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Nicolas Cage Reportedly Returning as Ghost Rider, Fans Suspect Secret Wars

Nicolas Cage Reportedly Returning as Ghost Rider, Fans Suspect Secret Wars

The early 2000s proved to be an incredible run-up to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reached a pinnacle of Marvel’s goth culture in the comic’s live-action adaptations. And what is more morbid than vampires and reapers, slashing their way through enemies and collecting the souls of sinners?

Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider, 2007, was the epitome of Marvel cinematic adaptations in the era of transformative CGI, and although the film did use the three-dimensional image of Cage’s own skull for the Ghost Rider, there were moments that failed to hit the notes high enough to capture the larger crowd’s attention.

Nicolas Cage expected to return as the Spirit of Vengeance
Nicolas Cage as the Spirit of Vengeance

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As such, the film remains an almost gatekept cult classic, dear to the fans of the comics who are lucky enough to also be au fait with Nicolas Cage being one of the best actors fit to play the role of the fiery damned biker.

Nicolas Cage Fandom: Ghost Rider to Present-Day MCU

The Nicolas Cage supremacy era is not over yet. The inherent fandom that the actor solely carries in Hollywood is inimitable in its essence and can easily be attributed to the sheer expanse of his talent. Merged with that uncharacteristic voice and his ever-sulky demeanor (hence, the nickname “Hollywood’s Frankenstein”), Cage presents an atypical image that does not conform to the industry’s tried-and-tested criteria required of a protagonist.

It does help that the actor is a peak Marvel comics fan, so much so, that his stage name is borrowed from Marvel hero, Luke Cage, and his Ghost Rider tattoo had to be covered up with make-up when he was cast in the eponymous 2007 film.

Ghost Rider (2007)
Ghost Rider (2007)

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The script of 2007’s Ghost Rider, penned by Mark Steven Johnson, was an ambitious one in its vision. Infamous for its over-the-top helicopter sequence, the cast comprising the likes of Sam Elliott and Peter Fonda, and of course, the action, Ghost Rider gave an all-round experience of a Marvel comics character brought to life. And while critically considered a dud, the pre-MCU era project reignited the passion of the fandom toward a snarky Cage riding off into the night embodying the Spirit of Vengeance in the overtly loud motorcycle.

Is Nicolas Cage Returning as Ghost Rider in the MCU?

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)

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The Marvel of the present timeline is returning to the good ol’ days of the early 2000s. For one, the Blade reboot is already in the works and the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are making their MCU debut soon. The only one remaining on the sidelines is Ghost Rider and if history indeed is keen on repeating itself, it’s high time that Johnny Blaze crashed his way into the MCU on his Hell Cycle.

If the rumors of Disney+ making a Ghost Rider special presentation are to be believed, it is also quite possible that the character faces high competition with the likes of Dracula, Mephisto, and even Magik. As such, one may have to take into account a long wait before a Ghost Rider reboot can be in the works. However, nothing is stopping Nic Cage from reprising his role and there exists only one way to make that happen aka Secret Wars. 

The only drawback, as the ever-vigilant Twitter crowd is aware of already, is that the rights to the Rider are currently owned by Sony, and Marvel had no active involvement in the Nic Cage film. The only way that the actor can enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe is via a multiversal event, the most probable one being Secret Wars. Considering the far-reaching impact of that film and the scale of the plot, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Feige keeps his word, calls in all favors, and overshadows Endgame in the grand Phase Six finale by bringing in every Marvel character in cinematic existence.

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