Nier Automata Announces Something that Even Stellar Blade Couldn’t Ripoff or Imitate

Limited edition Nier Automata themed wine is here.

Nier Automata and Stellar Blade


  • Square Enix has collaborated with popular Japanese retail company Onkyo to make Nier Automata-themed wine.
  • The wine is said to be aged while Nier Automata soundtracks play in the background during the whole process.
  • As of now, there are two variants of this limited edition wine, both priced at just over $75 each.
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After a flurry of controversy, the Shift Up title, Stellar Blade, stood firm and won every player’s heart. However, that didn’t stop fans from comparing the game with another title from PlatinumGames, Nier Automata, for the uncanny similarities between these two.


Some fans even marked the former one as a clone of the latter. However, the 2018 masterpiece still outshines the Shift Up title despite having strange resemblances and also female protagonists. And there is one aspect of Nier that Stellar Blade cannot rip off or imitate.

Nier Automata Has a Wine Collection, Now on Sale

You can buy Nier Automata themed wine right now.
You can buy Nier Automata-themed wine right now.

We have seen crazy video game collaborations with other companies. The craziness reached a whole new level when Square Enix paired up with Japanese retailer Onkyo to bring limited edition Nier Automata-themed wines.


These wines are said to be aged in a barrel while the Ver. 1a soundtrack is being played in the background during the whole aging process. There is no confirmation of what this idea has to do with the taste and flavor of wine, but this idea seems pretty unique.

Are we getting the essence of a bullet and a waft of neon? These two limited edition wines are described as “Music Shaken Aged Wine.” As of now, there are a total of two different varieties of this wine available to buy, and they have actually been for a few months now: YoRHa No. 2 Type B and YoRHa No. 9 Type S, named after the game’s characters.

Right now, a bottle of wine is priced at just over $75 at current exchange rates. The price might seem a bit higher for a bottle of wine, but hey! These are unique gaming collectibles, and they come with a limited edition Nier glass as well.


Is the Stellar Blade Really a Clone of Nier Automata?

Stellar Blade couldn't deliver the narative aspect, which Nier Automata showcased flawlessly.
Stellar Blade couldn’t deliver the narrative aspect, which Nier showcased flawlessly.

Despite having two different titles, there are a lot of striking similarities between these two games. The two main female protagonists in both these games, 2B and Eve, almost play the same. The setting of the game and the combat pace also feel very similar.

Also, there is hardly any difference in the in-game physics, along with inflicting damage using a firearm. When the characters of the two games attempt to climb down, both show almost the same animations. Some say Shift Up’s game plays like a mix of Nier, Sekiro, and Metal Gear Rising.

Now, despite all these similarities, the core of these two games has to be different, and they are different. Both games have a time gap of eight years, so naturally, the graphics of Stellar Blade look more refined and crisp, with a more polished and vibrant color scheme.


However, the difference between the two games lies in the narrative part of Nier Automata, which Stellar Blade couldn’t deliver as expected. What are your thoughts about this wine? Let us know in the comments.


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