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Night Teeth: Funniest Fan Reactions You May Want To Take A Bite Of

The newly released movie on Netflix starring Debby Ryan and Megan Fox, along with other celebrities, shows us the life of a college student who discovers that he lives among vampires and finds a way to survive them. It’s about to spook everyone this Halloween season, and let’s see some of the fan reactions to the upcoming vampire thriller.

1 Star cast: we are all excited to see such a cast in this movie as tweeted by Caroline 

2. The disappointment: Some viewers showed disappointment after watching the film as their favorite celebrities had minimal scenes.

3. Iconic Lines: “What she said, Your Honor,” Chi tweeted in response to this particular scene with Megan and Sydney.

4. The dynamic duo: Most of the viewers watched this movie for the iconic team of Megan and Sydney as stated by Christina, “I watched Night Teeth for the plot, the plot:” with a picture of the two celebrities from the film.

5. Fans falling in love:  Valen said that he is in love with Josh Dun’s Wife, referring to Debby Ryan.

6. Reasons to watch: the only reason to watch this movie is Sydney Sweeny.

7. Megan’s skepticism: people are still perplexed about Megan receiving very little screen time before dying.

8. Special Appreciation: A beautiful appreciation post for Debby Ryan in this film.

9. The super cast: the cast of Night Teeth is so attractive, moreover we wish Megan and Sydney had more extended roles.

10. Obsessed: People are obsessed with Debby Ryan and her role in the Night Teeth.

11. Debby Ryan: She is sensational, and her role made people put her on a pedestal. Odi said, “she can step on me anytime of the day.”

12. The plot: Most viewers loved the exchange between Sydney and Megan and considered this moment the most crucial moment of the story.

13. For five seconds, Megan Fox was in Night Teeth: She wasn’t getting enough screen time.

14. The four reasons: The four main reasons to watch this movie are the cast Sydney Sweeny, Megan Fox, Debby Ryan, and Lucy Fry.

15. Overhyped the stars: Tyler got frustrated as she tweeted, “sick and twisted to lure me into watching Night Teeth with all the megan fox promo only to see that she got 4 minutes of screen time”.

16. Cast didn’t disappoint: they SLAYED their limited screen time, they’re the icons, they’re the legends, and they are the moment!

17. Something different: Out of all fan reactions, we all agree with this one. It’s refreshing to watch something different with Vampires.


Written by FandomWire Staff

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