Is ‘Nightwing’ Still In Development at Warner Bros?

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Fans still holding out hope for a Nightwing solo movie may still soon get their wish as a suspicious Twitter account, potentially associated with the production, has posted on its timeline for the first time since the account’s creation in February 2017.


Nightwing was first announced as an upcoming movie in 2017 along with the rumored Batgirl movie, both main characters of which would be sidekicks and partners to the then-current Batman, Ben Affleck.

However, over the years both the Nightwing and Batgirl movies have dropped off the radar. That is until today (October 29) where the Nightwing movie’s Twitter account released a tweet simply stating “…”.


This cryptic tweet comes one year after director Chris McKay, who is still attached as to direct the upcoming movie as well as the sequel to his 2017 Lego Batman Movie, attempted to keep fans of Dick Grayson’s adult crime-fighting years interested by saying the movie “could still happen”.

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While there is no official word from DC or Warner Bros. about whether or not Nightwing is still in development with their current slate of DC Movies, the recent update to their Batman casting may mean we will see Dick Grayson as Robin before a Nightwing solo movie is even considered.


Depending on the universe that Nightwing would inhabit would depend entirely on whether or not Warner Bros. would want to team up Robert Pattinson’s untested younger Dark Knight with the fan-favourite Nightwing so soon.

Previous fan-casting for the role of Dick Grayson as Nightwing has included Zac Efron, Dylan O’Brien and Joseph Gordon-Levitt after the latter’s character in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises was revealed to be a variation of Dick Grayson rumoured to get his own spin-off movie.

DC and Warner Bros. are still rolling in the success of their most recent movie Joker which has become the highest R-rated movie at the box office and will soon be pushing the publicity for the upcoming Birds of Prey movie set to be released in February 2020.


Do you think the Nightwing movie will still be made?


Written by Jai Howlett

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