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Nintendo 64 Classic To Release In December?

The possibilities of a return of the Nintendo 64 have been in news for some time now since the success of both the SNES classic and the NES classic edition systems. It appears that Nintendo is now ready to move ahead on it, probably sooner than we think.

A new European trademark has been revealed which hints that the Nintendo 64 Classic is already in the works. The trademark points towards a particular console. You can see the placement of buttons and analog stick on the controller in the picture below.

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However, Nintendo could be pushing the launch forward this year for the holiday season, putting it in competition with the PlayStation Classic. This means that both PlayStation and Nintendo 64 will be facing each other for the first time in the gaming market in over two decades.

This report came via Business Insider which hints at the arrival of Nintendo this December alongside, Sony’s PlayStation. They said the following:

“Hilariously, this would be a perfect throwback to the original showdown between the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64 back in the mid-90’s.”

Nintendo is yet to release a word on this but an October-early November announcement would be perfect for them. Now the question that remains is what games will it include. Goldeneye 007 may be replaced by Perfect Dark this year due to licensing issues.

However, this also leaves us with tons of game to select like Wave Race 64, F-Zero X, Mario Golf, Super Mario and many more. So Nintendo will not be facing many difficulties in filling up that void and they can even find a couple dozen titles with the hardware, just for a reasonable $99.

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