Nintendo Switch is Closing in on 1 PlayStation Record We Never Thought We’d See Beaten

The Nintendo Switch is coming for the impressive that only the PlayStation 2 achieved.

Nintendo Switch and Playstation


  • The PlayStation 2 is about to be overtaken by the Nintendo Switch as the best-selling console on the United States.
  • Nintendo is playing coy about when the Nintendo Switch successor will be revealed and made available.
  • Sony had a great run with the PlayStation 2 and will forever go down in history for this impressive feat.
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The Nintendo Switch was a massive triumph for Nintendo, and it is one of the most unique hybrid consoles available on the market. The ingenuity and creativity of the Japanese deserve more praise and it gave the gaming community something to use in their spare time.


Everyone and their grandmother were rushing to purchase this console anywhere it was available and the number does not lie; it was a success for Nintendo. The console is only a few units away from beating the best-selling console of all time from Sony.

The Nintendo Switch Is About to Be the Best-Selling Console

The Nintendo Switch is about to make history.
The Nintendo Switch is about to make history.

The president of Nintendo clarified that the upcoming Directs will not feature any news regarding the Nintendo Switch successor. The gaming community needs to learn the virtue of patience and accept whatever is in front of them


The current versions of the device are still relevant and it will only be a matter of time before the Switch will surpass the PlayStation 2 as the best-selling console in the United States. Perhaps this is all part of the company’s elaborate plan to overthrow the Sony console before formally transitioning to the next generation.

Nintendo is not in a rush to release its latest hardware, especially now that the current console is only 1.5 million units away from making history. Despite the weaker horsepower, many third-party developers are still offering support by porting both old and new games. The company is banking on heavy holiday sales and could, optimistically, become the best-selling console in America before the year ends.

The Metroid Prime 4: Beyond reveal was so intense that one fan could not handle the hype during the previous Nintendo Direct. The teaser ended with a release window sometime next year, which could indicate more support will be provided for the Switch despite the imminent arrival of a new console.


The Nintendo Switch Is Giving the PS2 a Run for Its Money

The PlayStation 2 had a terrific run while it lasted.
The PlayStation 2 had a terrific run while it lasted.

It was inevitable for the Sony console to be dethroned; no other major company has surpassed its record until now, which is a testament to how well-developed and advanced gaming companies were back then. It may not be as technologically superior as the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 but at the time, it had plenty of desirable features.

Nintendo is not interested in competing with Sony and Microsoft and will do things on its terms. It is wise for the company to play it safe and take all the time it needs to avoid making the same mistakes that rival platforms have made.

The Switch was a success but there were still some drawbacks that were not a big deal for many. Perhaps the Switch 2 will be a much bigger success and build upon the system architecture designed for the current models.


The PlayStation 2 had a great run but it is time for a new console to be the title holder on American soil. Sony greatly benefited from it, and every other succeeding consoles that was developed owes it all to the older hardware.

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