“No big love in my life as the moment”: Nicole Kidman Couldn’t Stand ‘Homewrecker’ Title After Being Accused of Wrecking Dumbledore Actor’s Marriage With Steamy Affair

Nicole Kidman Couldn’t Stand ‘Homewrecker’ Title After Being Accused of Wrecking Dumbledore Actor’s Marriage With Steamy Affair

Nicole Kidman is a renowned actress known for her impeccable acting skills and charismatic personality. However, there was a time when the actress garnered a lot of attention in the media, but for all sorts of negative reasons. Some major media houses claimed that Kidman had an affair with her Cold Mountain co-star, Jude Law, which caused trouble in his married life.

Denying all these accusations as false, Kidman took the matter to court and sued the publications’ houses for defamation. The case ruled in her favor, and all the rumors were proven to be false.

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was accused of causing trouble in his Co-star’s married life 

In 2003, Nicole Kidman appeared in Cold Mountain, alongside Jude Law. The steamy chemistry between them was so good that people started assuming that there must be something brewing between Kidman and Law. However, things took an ugly turn when some notable media houses started accusing her ‘homewrecker’. 

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During the filming of the movie, Law’s married life started experiencing some troubles, which became the basis for the rumor that Kidman was the reason for wreaking Law’s marriage.

Nicole Kidman and Jude Law’s Cold Mountain (2003)
Nicole Kidman and Jude Law’s Cold Mountain (2003)

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According to The Sydney Morning Herald (via The Things) when Kidman was busy with the premiere of her film, The Hours, a journalist asked her about the rumors swirling on the internet about her alleged romance with Law. The actress denied any such rumor and asserted that ‘it’s not true.’ She said,

“No big love in my life at the moment. I’ve got nothing planned.” 

Law also reflected on these rumors and claimed,

“As you know, my family has gone through a difficult time over the past weeks. While we truly appreciate the concern the media has shown towards us, we ask that you now please give us the privacy we eagerly need so that we can put our lives in order.”

Despite, clearly mentioning that the rumors are vague, according to The Guardian, The Daily Mail alleged that Kidman was dishonest about the claims regarding the rumors. 

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Nicole Kidman took the matter to court and sued the publications for defamation

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman

Being called a homewrecker is indeed very demeaning, and when Nicole Kidman was accused of being one, her reputation in the industry came into question. Shortly after the rumors started circulating, Kidman wasted no time to take the matters to court. Kidman sued publications including The Sun and The Daily Mail for defamation.

Kidman’s legal representative, Keith Schilling highlighted what had been published in The Sun, Schilling said,

“The article implied that the claimant had led Jude Law to cheat on his wife Sadie Frost, and by her behavior caused the breakdown of their marriage.” 

Kidman’s lawyer insisted that The allegations made by the publication had caused significant damage to Kidman’s personal and professional image in the industry, and she had to suffer embarrassment due to the false accusations. 

Following the defamation case against the publications, Kidman won her lawsuit as it was proved that all the rumors were vague. According to The Guardian, the publications also “agreed to publish an apology, and pay the claimant (Nicole Kidman) a sum in damages and her legal costs.”

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Source: The Things, The Guardian

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