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“No federal crime has been committed”: Logan Paul Threatens to Leak Footage of Dillon Danis that Could Potentially Ruin His Life

Logan Paul Threatens to Leak Footage of Dillon Danis that Could Potentially Ruin His Life

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have been at each other’s throats for weeks now. With both being scheduled to fight head to head on October 14th, in Manchester, it was expected that some taunting and fighting would take place outside of the ring to build up and promote the fight. No one, however, expected how far the two would go in order to humiliate the other publically. From Danis involving the personal lives of Paul, including his fiance, Nina Agdal’s dating history, to Paul mocking and insulting Danis in any and every possible way.Logan Paul


Logan PaulThis came to a climax when the two finally met face-to-face during an interview. This was quite significant as a majority of these jabs took place online until this point. It would seem, however, that Danis may have confessed to a federal crime during this, only to get removed from the final version of the interview. Paul is now threatening to release this footage to ruin the mixed martial artist’s life.

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Dillon Danis May Have Committed A Federal Crime According To Logan Paul

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis went on to DAZN Boxing and faced off, confronting each other about the things that the two have said about the other online or in real life. The interview was very heavily anticipated and viewed, with fans loving the interaction and the build-up to their fight. Afterward, however, Paul went on to reveal on his social media, according to Happy Punch, that there was a big chunk of the interview, around ten minutes, that was removed from the final cut of the video.

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Logan Paul in an appearance at WWE
Logan Paul in an appearance at WWE

“So I finally watched the face to face with Dillon and afterwards I realised there’s about ten minutes of stuff missing and so I am starting to think, like what was cut? Cause this is much different than the original version that I watched. Turns out, Dillon contacted DAZN (Boxing), he made them cut his stuttering and stumbeling over sentences looking like a f*cking idiot, he made them cut him lying about having some photo and multiple other lies , and most importantly, he made them cut him incriminating himself in a federal crime.” Said Paul in a video

Upon further inspection, Paul found out that there were three main parts of the interview that had been cut after Danis requested the channel to delete it. These missing portions, according to Paul, included Danis having difficulty forming sentences while talking to Paul, and his talking about a photograph that would further incriminate Paul’s personal life. The Youtuber also mentioned that a part was cut where Danis actually confessed to committing a federal crime and incriminated himself.

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Logan Paul Threatened To Leak This Video

Logan Paul then went on to state that he would be releasing this clip soon. Dillon Danis very quickly replied to this on Twitter, stating that the Youtuber was being a coward by involving the law in their verbal altercations. Paul then went on to reveal a little bit of information about what this confession could be about, stating that it is odd that Danis might have stalked and harassed a woman that he has not met before and this is making him feel upset, the fact that he being held accountable for these actions.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Danis then went on to try to clear this out, stating that no federal crime had been committed by him and that Paul was simply listening to the lies told to him by his fiance, Nina Agdal. He also added everything that is being talked about is public and he had proof to showcase that.

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