“No he couldn’t beat me, I would knock him out”: Denzel Washington Claimed Sylvester Stallone Could Never Beat Him in a Boxing Match

Denzel Washington Claimed Sylvester Stallone Could Never Beat Him in a Boxing Match
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Both Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone made huge contributions to the industry after delivering some of the most commendable blockbusters. While Washington has played a wide variety of roles, Stallone is largely popular for his fame in the action genre. However, the Equalizer star believed that he could have an easy win in a boxing match against Sylvester Stallone.

Denzel Washington in a still from Equalizer
Denzel Washington in a still from Equalizer

When Denzel Washington appeared in Late Show with David Letterman, the two-time Academy Award Winner engaged in an intriguing and fun conversation with the host. But the moment that raised quite a buzz among the audience when Washington claimed that the Rocky fame could never beat him in a boxing match.

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Denzel Washington believed he could win against Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone

Denzel Washington started his career by appearing in television shows and rose to prominence with his role in St. Elsewhere. Further, he also made his name in movies as well as stage roles. He gradually progressed through his career and even won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Role in Glory. Later in his career, he also won another Oscar for Best Actor in Training Day. 

The Unstoppable actor made a huge claim when he visited Late Show with David Letterman. Washington was speaking about his movie The Hurricane which is based on former middleweight boxer Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter who was wrongly convicted of a triple murder. Denzel Washington shared that he was training for the role and was practicing boxing for the role.


However, Letterman came up with a weird question asking the actor who would have won if Sylvester Stallone fought with him. The 68-year-old actor stated:

“If I was boxing Sylvester Stallone. No he couldn’t beat me. Not boxing, maybe wrestling, maybe if you got a grip on me. Boxing, no I would knock him out.”

They never really messed up against one another, so we can never actually tell if the Rocky star would have won against Washington. But once, Sylvester Stallone was almost about to gatecrash a party organized by Denzel Washington.

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What happened between Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone?

Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone
Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone (via Getty Images)

It is interesting how Denzel Washington and Sylvester Stallone share a common neighborhood. But it didn’t look like the two shared a very pleasant bond. The incident in discussion occurred when Nelson Mandela visited the Flight actor and the latter didn’t invite Stallone to the party which had guests like Oprah Winfrey.

The father to John David Washington laughed when he claimed in The Jonathan Ross Show that a lot of important people came to the party but the Rambo star. But the actor was not among those to leave the chance so easily and started moving around the house until security came and notified the Philadephia actor.

“So they had security and helicopters flying around, people talking in their ears and stuff. And a guy came in and said – ‘You know, Sir, Mr. Stallone keeps walking back and forth in front of the house. Trying to hop over the fence.”

But ultimately he allowed Stallone to enter the party. Recently, Denzel Washington also released his latest flick and the third installment of The Equalizer. The movie is running stably at the box office earning over $150 million. The Equalizer 3 also received several positive reviews and has done critically better than the other movies of the trilogy.


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The Equalizer 3 is running in theaters near you.

Source: Late Show with David Letterman | The Jonathan Ross Show 



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