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“No longer the Joker, he’s the Woker”: The Joker Gets Mauled Online as DC Reveals The Clown Prince of Crime is Pregnant

“No longer the Joker, he’s the Woker”: The Joker Gets Mauled Online as DC Reveals The Clown Prince of Crime is Pregnant

Joker is one of the most devious villains in any superhero franchise, and the mark he left in DC Comics enables him to be one of those characters who are not in the moral grey area but purely in the black. The latest take on the character has put fans and critics in a fit of rage. This is far from what the audience could have imagined and in a rather negative manner.

Joker in the comics

The woke culture or awareness of the issues present in the world has no doubt influenced every form of media differently. This has also reached the superhero world in perhaps the worst most misunderstood way possible. Specifically by making Joker pregnant.

Joker Gets Pregnant In The Latest DC Arc

Woke culture has shown the world from a realistic point of view without a veil of lies and fears hiding the truth. This brings about the possibility of allowing individuals to live in their own truths and making other people understand that a lot of what happens in the world is not as sugar-coated. However, this concept can just as easily be misunderstood. Something which was portrayed with Joker becoming pregnant.

20230113 104157
Joker in the parody comic

He was not revealed to be a transgender man and is instead still kept as a cis white male person. The pregnancy was meant to occur purely for plot convenience as a hit at the woke culture. This though managed enrage a lot of the critics and audiences who may as well be tired of this growing concept. It could easily be mistaken as a serious comic when in reality it is meant to be a parody.

The attempt was to pick at toxicity spread amongst younger generations in terms of being more aware of current issues and how they can be misused. Fox and many other comic book artists have looked down upon this comic and have thrown a massive amount of backlash.

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Joker’s Pregnancy Was A Trick By Zatanna

A lovesick Joker approaches Zatanna in an attempt to win her over and her disgust towards the foe makes her curse him about how no one would ever want to bear his children. The comic then proceeded to show him waking up with a huge bump on his stomach which then led him to visit a gynecologist.

20230113 104223 scaled
Joker consulting the gynecologist

The villain ultimately threw up a fair amount of mud, which was actually him giving birth to his son who looked to be also the spawn of Clayface. Very clearly a humoristic approach towards comics and the current affairs in the world. However, much like any piece of media, it did not miss out on enraging a fair share of fans who would never have wished to see the character so sinful to become pregnant, even as a joke.

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Fans Troll Those Who Took The Pregnancy Seriously

Fox News took this personally and is highly mad about Joker becoming pregnant. This has led to fans mocking the company. They have since then been making fun of Fox and how anything and everything can be taken as an offensive notion.


The aspect of finding faults in humor has made the audience roll over with laughter as they can understand the joke when Fox can’t.

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