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‘Where in God’s Green Hell is Moon Knight?’: She-Hulk’s Marvel Intro Removes Moon Knight and Saying Marvel Fans are P*ssed Would Be an Understatement

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Following the premiere of the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Moon Knight fans have noticed the lack of their favorite vigilante in the iconic Marvel intro sequence. When it comes to the latest Disney+ show, the critics’ reviews and general reception has been quite positive, with Marvel fans thoroughly enjoying the legal-comedy premise and Tatiana Maslany’s dynamic portrayal of Jennifer Walters.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law
She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

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However, no matter how small the detail, nothing ever flies past the passionate MCU enjoyers. As people started pointing out the lack of Moon Knight in the intro, many were confused by Marvel’s mixed signals, as actor Oscar Isaac was subtly referenced in the latest Disney+ series.

The New Marvel Intro…

Moon Knight Oscar Isaac
No Moon Knight in the new intro…

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When it comes to the new Marvel intro sequence, we see many iconic characters, including some of the newest additions to the MCU, such as, Ms. Marvel. Some fans also spotted Jane Foster, who was seen as the Mighty Thor in the Taika Waititi-directed endeavor, Thor: Love and Thunder. However, to the dismay of many Moon Knight fans, the character portrayed by Oscar Isaac was not present. This revelation angered most, while some tried to cope with humor. Many jumped lengths and started speculating whether the character got retconned from the MCU narrative.

Here’s the tweet that pointed it out:

While it can be asserted that there’s no need to worry, as rumors have been flying around concerning a potential second season, it is quite the intriguing decision on Marvel Studios’ behalf. The only logical explanation seems to be the failure of balancing out so many characters, old and new, in the classic intro. It makes sense when we take into consideration how vast the MCU narrative is. We are looking at a franchise with hundreds of superheroes to account for.

Oscar Isaac reference in She-Hulk
Oscar Isaac reference in She-Hulk

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Many fans, of course, understand this, as most were humorous in their complaints. Some, on the other hand, were definitely worried about the future involvement of the character in the overarching universe of MCU. Others were primarily confused with how the show had no problem in referencing Oscar Isaac eating Cheetos with chopsticks, but are refusing to acknowledge the existence of Moon Knight in the intro.

While the true reason may have been not known, the reaction of the fans is quite… interesting.

Moon Knight Fans React To The New Intro

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight (2022).
Moon Knight fans react to the revelation

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The fans’ reaction to such a scenario is often quite unpredictable. While most showed disappointment, assuming that there’s no future for the character, others resorted to reassurance through posting memes. While there’s not much to worry about regarding the future of the street vigilante, this incident did bring about tweets that were interesting (mostly hilarious) to read through.

Check it out:

Amidst such a moment of confusion, what needs to be noted is that the future of the character is presumably not threatened, as the show has managed to snag 8 Emmy nominations, which include: Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance, Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes, Outstanding Cinematography For A Limited Or Anthology Series Or Movie, etc. This is a remarkable feat for any MCU show and must fare well for what the future is about to bring for the much-acclaimed series.

Both Moon Knight and the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law are available for streaming on Disney+.

Source: Twitter

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