“No one cared”: Lisa Kudrow Recalls a Childhood Spent in Neglect, Blamed the 60s’ Culture For Letting a Child Mature Ahead of Its Time

Lisa Kudrow Recalls a Childhood Spent in Neglect, Blamed the 60s’ Culture For Letting a Child Mature Ahead of Its Time
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Lisa Kudrow is often regarded as the second most popular star to emerge from FRIENDS, after Jennifer Aniston. Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay was one of the best characters in the history of TV sitcoms. She was honored with a Primetime Emmy Award for her role in the sitcom. The Easy A actress landed some great roles in different projects over the years, and her movies have grossed more than $2 billion at the box office.

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in FRIENDS
Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay in FRIENDS

Lisa Kudrow lent her voice to the role of Janice Templeton in the computer-animated film, The Boss Baby. Produced by Dreamworks Animation, the film was largely successful, grossing $528 million at the global box office.

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Lisa Kudrow Shared Insights Into Her Childhood

Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow in her promotional interview for The Boss Baby

Lisa Kudrow appeared in a promotional interview for The Boss Baby, alongside co-star Alec Baldwin and director Tom McGrath. Baldwin, who voiced the titular character in the film, was also paired with Kudrow in FRIENDS. In an interview with The Guardian, all three were asked about their childhood experiences and the mischievous things they did as a baby.

Baldwin shared that he and his sister ruled as the king and queen among their six siblings, occasionally mistreating them. However, Kudrow believed that she didn’t cause much havoc as she was born in the sixties when no one cared about their kids. Kudrow commented that her parents took a more straightforward approach back then, which helped her learn to survive. The Neighbors actress told The Guardian:

“I am the youngest of three. So I really don’t know what kind of havoc I’ve caused. I don’t think much because I was born in the sixties. And no one cared. When a baby came in, it was sort of like, you know, just like feed it. Put it to bed. If it cries, let it cry until it stops. Or it gets too tired. And then when it’s old enough, put it in a playpen all day. It’s good. You learn how to survive.”

It appears that Lisa Kudrow had a slightly better childhood than her FRIENDS character, Phoebe, who grew up on the streets after her adoptive mother killed herself. The sitcom treated this dark background in a much lighter way, however, the backstory only made people love the free-spirited character more.


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Lisa Kudrow’s Son Had A Much Better Upbringing, With Even His Wish Coming True

Lisa Kudrow with son Julian Murray Stern
Lisa Kudrow with son Julian Murray Stern

Lisa Kudrow and her husband, Michel Stern, are parents to a single child, Julian. Interestingly, Kudrow’s pregnancy was written into FRIENDS in the fourth season, where Phoebe becomes a surrogate mother to her half-brother’s triplets. Kudrow shared that, unlike Tim from The Boss Baby, Julian had his wish fulfilled, i.e., to remain an only child. The Comeback actress shared with The Guardian:

“I have one son. We didn’t bring anyone else to the house. He was pretty clear. As soon as he could talk, he said ‘I don’t want any brothers or sisters’. But it wasn’t up to him, make no mistakes. He wasn’t actually the boss.”

When asked to choose between puppies and babies, Lisa Kudrow ventured into a bit of controversy, saying, “Puppies are cuter”. However, she quickly clarified that she valued babies. The Boss Baby also featured the voice roles of Jimmy Kimmel and Tobey Maguire. The success of the film spawned a sequel, The Boss Baby: Family Business, where Kudrow reprised her role.


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The Boss Baby is available for streaming on Netflix, while its sequel is available for streaming on Peacock Premium.

Source: The Guardian


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