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“No s*x, no violence, no F-words”: Jackie Chan Revealed Why Fans Will Never Stop Loving His Movies

"No s*x, no violence, no F-words": Jackie Chan Revealed Why Fans Will Never Stop Loving His Movies

Jackie Chan’s legacy is known to all cinemagoers. He appeared on screen for the first time in the 1962 film Big and Little Wong Tin Bar as a child actor. Ten years later he worked in Fist of Fury (1972) and Enter the Dragon (1973) opposite Bruce Lee. Chan’s first major breakthrough was playing Chien Fu in the 1978 film Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow leaving his name marked in the Hong Kong film industry as an action star. Ever since he has been active in regional and global cinema for more than thirty years. 

Jackie Chan in Drunken Master
Jackie Chan in Drunken Master. Source: Sahamongkol Film International

Chan’s movies are unique, his characters possess slapstick acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, and innovative stunts. In his career, Chan has appeared in more than 150 films maintaining the same stylistic attribute without compromising the entertainment.

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Why Do Fans Love Jackie Chan’s Movies?

Jackie Chan in Rob-B-Hood
Jackie Chan in Rob-B-Hood. Source: JCE Movies Limited

Talking about his fanbase, Jackie Chan revealed in a roundtable interview that, unlike actors that come and go in 10 years’ time, he has maintained his stay among the hearts of fans for thirty years. 

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“I have never changed. Same action [films]; no s-x, no violence, no F-words, same action films.  Also, the family audience has pushed children to go see my movies.  They push them to go to Blockbuster Video to get old Jackie Chan movies,” Chan said.

Chan also revealed that Asian parents do not restrict children from seeing his movies despite the action. Generally, the word ‘action’ in movies is associated with violence, and that worries most parents to let their kids watch action movies. “But for my action movies, they bring the kids to see it, they want the kids to see it.  They bring the kids to my office,” he said, that is the reason he is carefully making non-violent action movies.

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Jackie Chan Still Wants to Make Movies for Asian Fans

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan. Source: Looper.

Jackie said that Asian movies have fans around the world. Most of his action films have a global audience despite being regional. On being in Rush Hour, the Police Story star said that despite the global success of the film, it did not appeal to his family audience. 


“They watch Rush Hour and they don’t like it.  But they still support me.  So I have to make Asian film, and American films.  I have to let them know this is an Asian film and that’s an American film,” the Rush Hour star said.

However, Chan wants to slowly change his style or identity as an action star rather a star putting more energy into acting to have audiences like Tom Cruise, and Tom Hanks.

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Jackie Chan on Having One Global Audience

 Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson in Shanghai Noon. Source: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Talking about the 2022 film Tuxedo, Chan said that Steven Spielberg wanted him to direct the movie. “I said No! I am not going to direct.  But this is a film that I feel I can get one audience,” he said. In the action-comedy Chan is a taxi driver and suddenly becomes a spy and helps a lot of spies.

The 69-year-old actor said that he is comfortable with special effects along with action stunts. He revealed his fondness for being featured in special effects-loaded movies like Jurassic Park. “I want to walk with dinosaurs,” Chan said adding that such movies have one audience. He also revealed that Spielberg denied his request stating that he liked him in Jackie Chan’s actions only.

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Source: BlackFilm

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