No Way Home: 6 Ways Doctor Strange Was The Real Screw-Up, Not Peter Parker

Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the MCU. But in No Way Home, he was the real screw up who almost tore the Multiverse a new one.

His Willingness To Kill The Villains Was What Turned Them Rogue

No Way Home Villains

After the villains are captured and put inside their magical prisons within the Sanctum Sanctorum, Strange wastes no time in completing the spell and sending them back to where they came from. The only problem is – the villains were taken from the universes right at the time when they were about to die. So Strange is sending them to their deaths. The No Way Home villains realize that the heroes of this universe would rather kill them than let them have a second shot. in more ways than one, this pushed at least half of the villains to go rogue halfway into the movie.

He Carelessly Casts A Spell Dangerous Enough To Break The Multiverse

Why Even Cast It?

After Peter comes to Strange to seek his aid in mending his and his friends’ lives, Strange has a very creative solution. In a second, he comes to the conclusion that the best way to help Peter Parker is to cast a spell that literally brainwashes the whole world. Knowing that even the tiniest of distractions could lead to dangerous consequences, Doctor Strange casts the spell anyway. The moral and ethical repercussions of playing God aside, Strange did not even ask Peter if he had talked to the MIT authorities before coming to him. Peter’s still a kid. Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme. It was clearly on him.

Not Telling Peter That The Memory Wipe Spell Has Dangerous Consequences

Peter Never Knew What He’s Getting Into

Peter is not an expert in magic. He is more of a nerd and a science geek. He believes Doctor Strange knows what he is doing. When Strange comes up with the idea of a memory wipe spell, Peter tags along with almost blind belief. It was Doctor Strange’s duty to explain the stakes and effects of the spell should it go wrong. This is a spell that can mold reality the wrong way if cast incorrectly. So Peter needed to know before Strange coerced him into going along with it.

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Does Not Take Initiative Once The Spell Goes Wrong

Is He Even A Hero?

As the former Sorcerer Supreme and a mystic guardian of the Sanctum Sanctorum, it is the moral responsibility of Doctor Strange to battle all supernatural threats. That was not the case in Spider-Man: No Way Home. After the spell misfires, Doctor Strange leaves the job of clearing his mess to Peter and his friends. We are sure that if Strange had used his magical resources, things would have been dealt with much more easily.

Tries To Hold Peter Hostage In The Mirror Dimension

Spider-Man In The Mirror Dimension

Spider-Man was the true hero in no way home because he understood the assignment of being one. It was his moral duty as a hero to look out for everyone, including the bad guys. Doctor Strange just tried to end the fight then and there by sending the villains back to their respective worlds because he did not want more responsibility. When Peter tried fighting back, he brought him into the mirror dimension. When Peter used math to overpower him, Strange was left stranded in that world for quite a while. That was entirely his own doing.

Didn’t Protest When Peter Suggested Using The Memory Wipe Spell Again

Cast It A Second Time

The entire No Way Home fiasco happened because of Peter’s eagerness to make things right. Strange had an equal part to play because he did not let Peter know that what they were about to do could easily backfire. No Way Home ended with Strange using the spell once more to wipe the knowledge of Spider-Man’s identity from everyone’s minds. Strange did not even offer a second opinion to Peter.  He didn’t even try to come up with a more amicable solution. He just went along. Doctor Strange’s behavior and attitude were completely un-heroic in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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