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No Way Home: How Peter Parker Won Against Doctor Strange And It Is Not Spidey-Sense!

With Spider-Man: No Way Home released across most global markets, fan theories have started pouring in as the movie raised a lot more questions than it actually answered. From introducing the multiverse on the big screen to bringing back fan-favorite characters, Spider-Man: No Way Home is a love letter to Spider-Man as it finally gets the character right since its introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Nevertheless, a few pivotal scenes from the movie needs to be answered. However, one of the most burning questions that still remains unanswered is how Spider-Man was able to control his physical form despite being separated from it while fighting Doctor Strange? While most fans think it is Spidey-Sense, we think it might be slightly more complicated than that.

No Way Home

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Prior to the movie’s release, the first trailer of No Way Home had revealed that Spider-Man and Doctor Strange have opposing agendas which was further confirmed when the Sorcerer Supreme briefly pushed out Peter’s astral form from his physical form. Surprisingly, Parker’s physical form was still able to act on its own when Doctor Strange tried to take back the boxed spell from Peter. Despite popular belief that it was Spidey-Sense at work, it was most probably a peek into the more mystical mythos of the Spider-Totems.

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What are the Spider-Totems?

In the comics, the Spider-Totems are a special class of supernatural entities spanning across the entire multiverse who are connected to the Web of Life and Destiny. These entities often take physical avatars for various reasons. Spider-Man aka Peter Parker is also revealed to be an incarnation of a Spider-Totem named the Other. Similarly, other avatars of different Spider-Totems are Cindy Moon (Silk), Benjy Parker, Anna-May Parker, and a few other Peter Parkers from different universes. As an incarnation of the Spider-Totem named ‘The Other’, Peter Parker has shown the ability to consciously let his arachnid side take control of his body to act purely on instincts.

What does it mean for the MCU?

No Way Home

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It might be too early to establish Peter Parker’s connection to the much large world of Spider-Totems, but it surely makes sense to start building on it if the MCU ever wants to enter the Spider-Verse storyline in the near future. Having already introduced two different Spider-Men in No Way Home alongside Holland’s Peter Parker, the stage is set for a full-blown Spider-Verse storyline by introducing the psychic vampire Morlun as the next big baddie for the future Spider-Man movies. The overwhelmingly positive reaction towards the concept of the multiverse and multiple Spider-Men is surely a chance to explore the much larger, exciting, and darker Spider-Verse.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theaters.

Written by Akash Senapati

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