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No Way Home: What Are All Potential Abilities Of Spider-Man’s New Black-Gold Sling Ring Suit?

From the looks of it, Doctor Strange has had quite an impact on Spider-Man in No Way Home. The trailer shows us Spidey’s black and gold sling ring suit in all its glory. And here are some of the potential abilities the sling ring suit grants the trailer did not show you.

spider man no way home black gold suit
No Way Home’s New Sling Ring Suit

(PS: This list is based on pure speculation and made to the best of our knowledge from previous MCU movies and shows that are taken as precedent.) 

Dimensional Transportation

Enter The Multi-Verse

The sling rings that first came to debut in Doctor Strange possess the ability of transporting people and objects. And this transportation can be spatial like we said and also inter-dimensional. The sling rings are basically a means to generate portals. A portal bends space-time to create a pathway to whole new worlds, sometimes in different realities. As of now, only the spatial displacement ability within the same universe has been shown in the movies. Spider-Man: No Way Home will heavily play into the Multi-Verse aspect. So there is really no telling if Strange would deny Spider-Man to access different universes via the sling ring suit.

Mysterious Webbing Ability

Hot Toys Spider Man No Way Home Black Suit Featured 01
Black & Gold Spider-Man Suit

The sling ring suit also possesses a pair of spells attached to its wrist area. The suit can give Spider-Man access to a new form of webbing. While the sling ring suit has been theorized to open portals to the Multiversal plane that connects all universe, Peter still needs to have a way to swing around there. Maybe that is where the webbing ability comes in handy. Also, given the arcane nature of the webbing, we are sure it never runs out like his conventional fluid powered web-shooters.

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Sling Ring Portals

A sorcerer under Kamar-Taj learns the ability of teleportation as a basic skill before moving on to more advanced levels of magic. Doctor Strange was pushed into the submits of Mount Everest by The Ancient One to push him into mastering the sling ring. The sling ring suit can also help Spider-Man and come in handy. Doctor Strange’s teleportation powers were instrumental in the Battle On Titan and the Endgame Battle Of Earth. Spider-Man could gain some serious firepower, using the portals to run circles around the Sinister Six. The sling ring suit could make him use some formidable hit and run tactics via its teleportation abilities.

Magic Enhanced Durability

Doctor Strange new powers what if Spiderman no way home

We have seen in MCU’s What If… series that Doctor Strange is capable of using protection spells to increase not just his but also his allies’ durability. Those spells greatly enhance a person’s ability to withstand excruciating damage. Even Ultron, who had all the Infinity Stones in his possession, had trouble defeating the Guardians of the Multiverse thanks to the protection spells.  A similar set of spells could be cast all over the Spider-Man sling ring suit. The suit’s durability may have been upgraded beyond measure.


Spatial Or Even Inter-Dimensional Locking

Untitled design 6
Spatial Locking Abilities

Doctor Strange had the ability to locate beings hundreds of lightyears away and open a portal to reel them in. In Endgame, he brought heroes that returned in The Blip from not just Wakanda that was hundreds of miles away but also Titan, a planet that was far away in a corner of the universe. If this is another ability the sling ring grants, then Spider-Man can also access it via his new sling ring suit. It is a useful feature that may help him locate the exact universes where there are heroes like Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man he could recruit to aid him in his fight.

Mystically Enhanced Strength & Speed

Spider Man Black Gold Suit
Enhanced Physical Attributes

Obviously Doctor Strange would have ensured the suit has some conventional power upgrades. Spider-Man’s Iron Spider armor had many such deadly features that gave Spider-Man an edge in Endgame. The sling ring suit could have magical energy flowing through it that enhances Spider-Man’s already impressive strength. It may even give a much needed boost his other physical attributes like speed and reflexes.

Possible Access To Other Devastatingly Powerful Magic Spells

Other Powers?

In other MCU shows and movies, it has been proven that a spell can be cast and kept on hold as a back up. Even if Strange is not there to activate it, certain prerequisites could be met for it to activate it nonetheless. That’s how Strange trapped Dormammu in a time loop. Despite his death, he could still come back from the dead since the stone had a spell cast on it that reset time the moment Strange died. Similarly, Strange could have cast some back-up spells into the sling ring suit. These spells would be like hidden features that will show themselves when Spider-Man needs them the most.

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