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No Way Home: Villains That Desperately Need A Costume Change

Spider-Man: No Way Home is all set to release, and one thing which is confirmed is that it will be featuring multiple villains from all across the Marvel Multiverse. But this time, these MCU villains will be seen in an all-new upgraded uniform. Because obviously, those villains really needed a wardrobe upgrade!! It would be quite fascinating to see these old villains in new and modernized costumes.

1. Electro: In No Way Home, Electro will be seen in a different color scheme, including green and yellow colors. The costume will consist of a mask created out of electricity. If you remember Electro’s costume in Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was black and way too subtle. Honestly, it didn’t match Electro’s comic book original vibe!

2. The Lizard gave his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man. He had a head very similar to a crocodile in the comic books. But this time in No Way Home, his look is redesigned with the classic lab coat and an improved nose.

3. Vulture: In Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Vulture’s overall look was perfectly matching with the MCU aesthetics and his character. But if he returns to the film, he needs some upgrades in his overall looks. His basic leather jacket and wingsuit look should definitely be improved. So that he can look more strong and terrifying as a villain.

4. New Goblin: Green Goblin’s original costume was beyond perfection. But if you have seen the New Goblin outfit, you can definitely tell why he needs a wardrobe upgrade if he is coming in No Way Home! Starting from the suit to the Goblin Gliders, a vibe that comes from a villain didn’t appear here. Although, the mask and the goggles looked interesting.

5. Venom: In Spider-Man 3, Venom’s look wasn’t that impressive; instead, it was plastic-looking and fake. His overall look didn’t even give a feel that he is a villain. His look can do so much better. If Venom is planning to make an entrance in the film, he should upgrade his physical appearance and should look more terrifying.

6. Doctor Octopus is all set to come back in No Way Home with his all-new high-tech suit. The strong suit design with mechanical arms is an excellent example that practical effects and CGI can work together. His upgraded armor suit and the live-action concept can definitely make the villain look fantastic.

7. Goblin: The Green Goblin was infected with a horrible disease that turned him into a dreadful creature. If there are any chances of Goblin returning, he should drop his mechanical suit. Then maybe he can look more like a villain.

8. Scorpion: The reality of Scorpion is that he never really got a chance to suit up in Spider-Man: Homecoming. So if he returns, he will need a 360-degree upgrade! He might appear in a tech-based suit and live-action version of his character. Though his neck tattoo was kinda cool, and fans really liked it too!

9. Rhino: The Rhino is honestly the coolest villain when it comes to standout costumes. He was in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and his mechanical variation was so horrifying and dangerous. Though, still, some upgrades might be needed if The Rhino makes an appearance in the film.

10. The Shocker: Speaking of villains, honestly, we don’t think The Shocker really had a proper supervillain costume! The character had electricity powers, but he didn’t have any vital protection gear besides his yellow sleeves. Therefore, his suit really doesn’t look like a supervillain suit. He’ll be needing an overall transformation if he wants to appear in the No Way Home.

Written by FandomWire Staff

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