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“No way will I be famous in America”: $400M Rich Jackie Chan Claimed Hollywood Belittles Actors By Relying on Special Effects Too Much

"No way will I be famous in America": $400M Rich Jackie Chan Claimed Hollywood Belittles Actors By Relying on Special Effects Too Much

Jackie Chan’s name needs no introduction in the world. He has been one of the well-known actors and martial artists in not just the Hollywood industry but also worldwide. He worked with the best martial artist in the industry Bruce Lee in the 70s. They have worked together on several films and have won fans’ hearts. Some of the well-known works of Jackie Chan with Bruce Lee include Fist Of Fury, Enter The Dragon, and Chinese Connection.

Jackie Chan was already a well-established actor in Hong Kong. But he didn’t want to restrict his talent, and that’s the reason he soon started doing some Hollywood films. He landed his first role in the 1980s The Big Brawl movie which was helmed by Robert Clouse.

Jackie Chan’sTake On Hollywood’s Special Effects

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

A master in martial arts doesn’t take the help of special effects. In his long-lived career in the industry, Jackie Chan has always been fond of showing off his stunts and skills onscreen. There were many stories about Chan getting injuries while doing so, but the actor never stopped giving his best performance.

There is no doubt Hollywood movies make use of various special effects technology for action films. Back in an interview, The Karate Kid actor mentioned how the effects in the film played the real hero more than the main cast of the film. He added that in many big films, people pay more attention to the special effects than the actor’s performance in the movie.

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Jackie chan
Jackie Chan

“Even if I do a film with geniuses like George Lucas or Steven Spielberg, no way will I be famous in America. Look at Jurassic Park. Few people know the names of the main actors; they remember the dinosaurs and that it was a Spielberg film. Take Terminator 2. The director’s good; the special effects are good; Schwarzenegger is nothing. Anyone could have played his part.”

Over the years, Hollywood films have completely evolved in terms of using various technologies and effects to make the films look realistic onscreen. But in this new era of advanced computer technology, Jackie Chan still prefers to do his own stunts.

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Jackie Chan Shares His Failures In Hollywood

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan’s career saw many ups and downs in the Hollywood industry. As said above, the actor debuted in the 1980 film, which didn’t do well at the box office and was a complete failure. Even though the flop film upset him, he didn’t give up and did another movie named The Protector 5 years later. But fate wasn’t on his side and this movie too turned out to be a flop. It often got into his mind to quit doing films in America, as he wasn’t offered upto the mark roles.

 “Hollywood had turned me into something silly, so I returned home to make my kind of movies.

He went on a hiatus after he failed in the American Market. Then he came back once again in the year 1995 to give one more chance in Hollywood. He did a movie named Rumble in the Bronx, which was a great success and was his breakthrough in the Hollywood industry.

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