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No Way You Caught These 22 Marvel Easter Eggs

They gave us over twenty-three films filled with great stories and superheroes and we still haven’t gotten enough of them. It’s been over two years since the entire Infinity Saga concluded but we still keep finding easter eggs which the film crew left behind for us. While there’s not a single Marvel movie without easter eggs, you have to be paying close attention while watching the films to not miss them. They play a vital role in tying together two universes or foreshadowing a throwback to prior movies without seeming redundant.

Despite the reruns of our favorite Marvel movies, we yet haven’t managed to catch them all. Join us as we highlight the 22 greatest Easter eggs that some of us fans might have missed in the Marvel movies.


1. There’s a reference made to Black Panther in Iron Man 2, as Wakanda is shown on the map in the background. In a scene, Tony is seen standing in front of a map of Africa pinpointing the exact location of Wakanda.

2. In Spiderman Homecoming, we see a reference to Bruce Banner. In Peter’s class, there is a list of the most important scientist in history. On this list, we see Banner’s image on the far right of the wall, alongside Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, and other great scientists.

3. In The Avengers, you can spot “A113” as a file name. “A113” is the number of the animation classroom at the California Institute of the Arts where many Pixar animators studied.

4. The content inside of Steve Rogers’ notebook in Captain America: Winter Soldier is different in international versions of the movie.

5. If you notice in The Avengers after the major fight scene took place, the letters on Stark Towers went missing except for the “A”. This was a clear nod to it later becoming Avengers Tower.

6. In the same Avengers, a snippet shows Tony with the blueprints of the Avengers Tower, complete with designs for their individual rooms, including Thor’s, Hawkeye’s, Captain America’s, and his own.

7. The reason why Peter Quill is able to understand various intergalactic languages is that he has a “translator implant” as an enhancement as shown in Guardians of the Galaxy.

8. In The Avengers, when the team is in combat with the Chitauri, you can spot the Shawarma Palace in the background. It’s the same place where the Avengers later eat in the now-iconic post-credits scene.

9. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michelle is seen reading a copy of W Somerset Maugham’s “Of Human Bondage”. That’s a notable book because it’s a story about a young man whose parents die and who is sent to live with his aunt and uncle as he struggles to find his calling.

10. In Captain America: Civil War, you can spot the Bluth stair car from Arrested Development. The Russo brothers who directed this movie also directed a few episodes of Arrested Development.

11. When Nick Fury fakes his own death in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, his tombstone is inscribed with the phrase “The path of the righteous man…” from “Ezekiel 25:17.” Quentin Tarantino fans will recognize the Bible verse as being the very one Samuel L. Jackson recites to his victims before killing them in Pulp Fiction.

12. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the clock atop Grand Central Station has been replaced with a memorial to first responders. The original was destroyed in the first Avengers film during the Battle of New York.

13. In Iron Man, you can spot Captain America’s shield in the background of the scenes where Pepper Potts is helping Tony get out of his destroyed suit.

14. From time to time, Marvel keeps giving reference to its comics serial numbers in their movies. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Aunt May’s license plate reads “AMF-1562.” This is a reference to the first appearance of Spider-Man in the comic Amazing Fantasy 15, which was released in 1962.

15. In Guardians of the Galaxy, the stripes on each of the prisoners’ legs correspond to a crime they’ve committed, while the pattern explains the severity of each.

16. In Captain America: Civil War, one can notice that T’Challa is able to scratch Cap’s shield because both the shield and his claws are made of vibranium.

17. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, the URL of the video that Peter is seen watching has the same YouTube URL of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer.

18. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the color scheme of Ego’s car matches his son Peter’s spaceship.

19. In Thor, you can spot Walter Simonson sitting next to Sif. Simonson is the man responsible for writing (and often illustrating) Thor comic books from 1983–1987.

20. In The Avengers, Tony is seen wearing a Black Sabbath shirt throughout the film. For Tony, it’s natural to be a fan of the 60s English rock band as they have a hit track titled “Iron Man”.

21. In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter’s phone screen keeps getting more and more damaged after each battle that happens. 

22. The song that Peggy and Steve dance to at the end is the same song that played when Fury visited Steve’s apartment in The Winter Soldier — meaning, Steve has had the perfect song picked out all this time.


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