‘It’s happening as fast as we can make it happen’: David Leitch Reveals Nobody Sequel in The Works, Better Call Saul Star Bob Odenkirk To Return


Nobody 2 is finally going to make it to the theaters. The first movie turned out to be an amazing hit among the critics and the audience. David Leitch who served as the producer of the movie revealed in an interview that he is fully confident about the sequel. It is not the first time though when a Nobody star or crew revealed an idea of a potential sequel of the movie. Earlier also the female lead of the movie Connie Nielsen expressed her wish to have a potential sequel that will dwell on Hutch and Becca’s past. So it was inevitable that Hutch Mansell’s story was not going to be over so soon with so many people eagerly wanting a sequel.

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Nobody getting a sequel
Nobody(2021) to get a sequel

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David Leitch on Nobody 2:

David Leitch confirms Nobody 2
David Leitch

David Leitch who is running on an extremely busy schedule currently with his Bullet Train waiting for its release on August 5, revealed to Collider that he is extremely confident about the sequel of Nobody. And the whole cast and crew are pumped up for the movie too as they had a “blast” shooting the Bob Odenkirk starrer and want to return for the project as soon as they can:

 “Oh, I think everyone’s really excited about it,” he told Collider. “Everyone involved is like, ‘Full steam ahead.’ We are in the script process, and I think we had so much fun making that. Kelly and I had a blast, the actors had a blast, the studio loved the results, and it’s happening. I mean, I think it’s happening as fast as we can make it happen.”

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Further, David Leitch added that he is completely sure about the sequel of the movie and we will get it because some stories are just like that where the audience deserves that same amazing experience again and again:

“There are these certain journeys that you go on, and they’re just undeniable experiences for the people involved. And that was one of them. And I think all of us want to go back and play in that universe, and we want to see Bob bring that character to life again.”

It was also revealed earlier by Derek Kolstad that he thinks there can be a potential crossover between John Wick and this franchise as they have so much in common and Derek Kolstad himself serving as the creator of the Keanu Reeves starrer franchise as well as the writer of Nobody gives another rock solid point for a possible crossover in the future.


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What is Nobody about?

Nobody 2 to release
Nobody(2021) was directed by Ilya Naishuller

Nobody starring Bob Odenkirk is a story of a man named Hutch Mansell who is just like that every next-door family man we have but one day as a few burglars breaks into his house, his life changed completely. The character played by the Better Call Saul actor gets embroiled in a wide affair of things consisting of gunpowder, smokes, gangster, and whatnot.


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The movie performed very well at the post-pandemic box office and even opened a wide scope for potential sequels and turn into a franchise. As the creators of John Wick were involved with this movie, it also had many parallels with that franchise which will also be utilized according to the makers as we can also get a potential crossover of the assassins.


So while we have to still wait for another official update or news regarding the sequel, David Leitch comes with another high-octane action comedy, Bullet Train starring Brad Pitt in the lead role.

Nobody can be exclusively streamed on Hulu and HBO Max while Bullet Train is coming to the theaters on August 5, 2022


Source: Collider

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