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“Nobody sends a bad d**k pic”: Chris Evans Got a Little Too Candid About the Human Anatomy – Captain America Star is Weirdly Obsessed With B*tts

"Nobody sends a bad d**k pic": Chris Evans Got a Little Too Candid About the Human Anatomy - Captain America Star is Weirdly Obsessed With B*tts

Apart from being a talented actor and one of MCU’s greatest superheroes, Chris Evans also comprises a unique sense of humor and has never missed the opportunity to make his audience giggle through his jokes. And in 2016, during his time on Anna Faris’ podcast, also called Anna Faris is Unqualified, Evans hilariously expressed his extreme desire for female bottoms.

And apart from making Anna Faris bust out in complete laughter through his hilarious confession about his extreme obsession with b*tts, Evans also shared his secret on how the Avengers star approaches attractive women.

Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans as Captain America

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Chris Evans revealed his extreme obsession with female b*tts

During a podcast with his What’s Your Number co-star Anna Faris, Evans went a little too candid while joking about his preferences for an attractive woman. On asked which female body part’s pic would excite him the most,  Evans didn’t hold back while describing his obsession with female b*tts and deemed himself as an a**man. He said,

“I’m way, way, way more of an a** man, clearly more of an a** man. Just everyone knows. I like b*tts. [So] I guess a b*tt pic.”

And apart from joking about his extreme obsession with the female backside, Chris Evans also went on to reveal the procedure behind crafting a perfect d*ck pic and shared his advice on how to approach a lady.

Chris Evans and Anna Faris
Chris Evans and Anna Faris

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Chris Evans revealed his method behind crafting the perfect n*de pic

Apart from joking and discussing his extreme fascination for female b*ttocks, Chris Evans also dived deep with Anna Faris while explaining what happens behind closed doors and how he crafts the perfect n*de pic. Evans then Hilariously went on to express that he goes under a professional photo shoot to generate the perfect d*ck pic. He states,

“Nobody sends a bad d**k pic. There’s always a full photo shoot, like a four-hour photo shoot [with] filters.”

Although the actor didn’t clarify whether he send those n*de pics to someone else or not, he went on to share his expertise in how to approach attractive ladies. The Avengers star stated,

“I would probably ask for hers. Let’s say we met at 10, and I left the bar at 11 and I sent her a text at 11:30 saying, ‘Hey, it was great to meet you.’ And she responds, ‘Yeah, you too.’ And at 3 a.m. there’s another text [from her], right away it’s a little bit of a bummer.”

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

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Source: Anna Faris is Unqualified 

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