“Nobody talks about that safety issue”: Glen Powell Almost Fell to His Death While Stripping Naked In Front of Sydney Sweeney for 1 Scene He Claims Was Worth the Risk

Glen Powell realized that getting n*ked in front of the camera can be extremely dangerous work.

“Nobody talks about that safety issue”: Glen Powell Almost Fell to His Death While Stripping Naked In Front of Sydney Sweeney for 1 Scene He Claims Was Worth the Risk


  • Anyone But You star Glen Powell recalled a dangerous scene in the film that almost got him killed.
  • The actor who had to get n*ked at the edge of a cliff almost fell down in his hurry to undress.
  • To add to his woes, a spider in his pants made matters even worse.
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Hollywood stars Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney shared sizzling chemistry on screen in the romantic comedy Anyone But You. While the film was slow to get off the blocks at the box office, it quickly gained momentum in the following weeks thanks to Powell and Sweeney’s charismatic presence and connection in the film.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But you

Both stars also had some s*xy and intimate scenes together that required them to get n*ked in front of the camera. Powell was part of one scene in particular that proved rather precarious for him. Elaborating on a segment in which he had to strip down at the edge of a cliff, the actor recalled the harrowing experience that almost made him fall to his death.

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This Anyone But You Scene Scared Glen Powell To Death

Often, actors push themselves to dangerous limits for the sake of their characters and their films. Glen Powell encountered a scary experience while filming his romantic comedy Anyone But You with Sydney Sweeney. The film required both actors to share a close physical chemistry, which included many s*xy scenes of undressing on screen.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell almost fell off a cliff during one scene in Anyone But You

One segment that ultimately became a comedy of errors proved to be an almost fatal one for the Top Gun: Maverick star. The scene required Powell to hurriedly strip down at the edge of a cliff. But the Devotion star underestimated the precarious position he was in and almost ended up at the bottom of the cliff in his effort to nail the scene. In an interview with Variety, Powell recalled how a non-action sequence became a terrifying experience for him.

Taking your clothes off on the side of a cliff in a hurry is not safe either. Nobody talks about that safety issue on set, where I almost died falling off a cliff, taking my pants off too fast. But it’s a really fun scene, so it was all worth it.”

To add to the confusion, Sweeney detected a spider inside Powell’s pants that also proceeded to bite the star. The chaotic and hilarious incident of the Euphoria actor trying to get the spider out of her co-star’s pants ultimately became an unforgettable memory on set. Thankfully, true to the Shakespearean influence of the narrative, both Powell and Sweeney were able to say ‘All’s well that ends well’.


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Glen Powell Shared A Great Off-Screen Relationship With Sydney Sweeney

Following their sizzling chemistry in Anyone But You and their off-screen camaraderie during the promotions of the film, rumors were rife that Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney may be dating. But both actors summarily squashed these speculations to the ground, stating that they were nothing more than great friends.

Glen Powell
Glen Powell is an admirer of Sydney Sweeney’s enthusiasm

Powell has also gone on record to elaborate on the experiences he shared with the Euphoria actor on the sets of Anyone But You. The film, which is said to be influenced by the Shakespearean comedy Much Ado About Nothing, was filmed extensively in Australia. The Top Gun: Maverick actor recalled how Sweeney’s outgoing personality and enthusiasm had a positive effect on him. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Powell said,


“One thing that I’ll say for Sydney is she is such an activities person, and extremely type A and organized. I’m an adventure guy, but I’m not type A, so I’m always down for the cause. But Sydney, as soon as we were like, “Hey, let’s go do something this weekend,” she would put together a whole itinerary, and she’d be like, “We’re going here, we’re going here, we’re going here.”

Powell went on to praise the whole cast and crew of Anyone But You and stated that the camaraderie between everyone on set was the reason that the film will always remain a memorable outing for him.


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