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“Nobody wants a 20 year old Superboy”: Fans are Already Rejecting James Gunn’s Young Superman Origin Story Movie, Demand Henry Cavill’s Return as ‘Peak Superman’

"Nobody wants a 20 year old Superboy": Fans are Already Rejecting James Gunn's Young Superman Origin Story Movie, Demand Henry Cavill's Return as 'Peak Superman'

As long as James Gunn is at the helm of DC Studios, the CEO will be subject to fan skepticism and dubious looks, considering he (alongside Peter Safran) has been tasked with rebooting an entire universe that was beloved by many in an era that marks the peak of the CBM industry. Regardless, the writer-director and producer duo has encountered the challenge head-on with a vision not simply for a singular project’s success but for the entire decade that is to follow.

As such, the narrative for the next 10 years will be something that warrants the presence of DC’s golden boy, Superman, and incidentally, that has been the one character that occupies the center stage of all controversies that haunts DC and its elemental past.

James Gunn
James Gunn

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James Gunn Answers Fan Concerns Regarding Superman

In an intense Q&A session, the newly christened co-Chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, answered numerous fan queries regarding the new vision he presents for the coming DCU narrative. Primarily, Henry Cavill plays no role in the CBM franchise’s future and is instead being replaced by a younger Superman whose script is being penned by Gunn himself. The news, which was announced on two fronts — by the actor and the director, separately — caused enough shock among the fandom to reverberate the hurt sentiments from 5 years ago.

Henry Cavill's Superman breathes his last at DC
Henry Cavill’s Superman breathes his last at DC

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At the same time, it is also understandable why James Gunn would want the DC Bible to occupy the story of a younger Clark Kent/ Kal-El/ Superman, granted that the character (much like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans’ MCU roles) needs to be seen through to the end of the 10-year narrative. Even if one ignores the complicated baggage of the SnyderVerse, Henry Cavill is already pushing 40 and cannot carry the mantle of the DC superhero well into the future for an indefinite period of time.

Twitter Mob Challenges James Gunn’s Superman Reboot

Mass sentiments ran high on 14th December 2022 once the confirmation reached the public regarding James Gunn rebooting DC’s Superman. Henry Cavill’s resurrection was cut short yet again due to corporate tug-of-war, and the people wanted the Man of Steel 2 that was promised to them.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill ousted from DCU due to his age

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Although theories suggested that the sequel would likely feature a happier Superman, a stark contrast to the character’s SnyderVerse arc, something was still better than nothing for the fandom that had gone through the immense pain of waiting around without any future in sight. When Black Adam did ensure that future, it was quickly snatched away from under the fandom’s nose after Gunn allowed the pitiful fiesta to continue for a month.

Now, however, fans have grown weary of DC’s emotional manipulations and have taken to Twitter to call out Gunn’s plans of writing a reboot story when the universe already has a Superman ready and primed for takeoff.

So far, only the skeletal structure of the plot is known to the DCU fans about the new Superman movie — it focuses on the early years of Clark Kent who is living in Metropolis and working as a reporter for the Daily Planet while out saving the world as Superman. No actor has been cast for the role yet. Simultaneously, a Black Superman story is already in development and is being penned by Ta-Nehisi Coates for J.J. Abrams. Michael B. Jordan is set to star in the film.

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