Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greta Gerwig Wants Rival Sylvester Stallone in Barbie 2: “He really adorned himself as a man”

Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greta Gerwig Wants Rival Sylvester Stallone in Barbie 2: "He really adorned himself as a man"
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The Barbie craze does not seem to be dying down anytime soon as the movie is currently performing wonders at the box office. Thanks to Greta Gerwig’s direction, Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and the rest of the cast’s perfect portrayals of their characters, and beautiful cinematography, Barbie is easily one of our favorite releases of 2023!

Barbie (2023)
Barbie (2023)

By the looks of it, if Warner Bros. comes to Greta Gerwig and asks to film a sequel for Barbie, we don’t see why her answer would be ‘No.’ In fact, the filmmaker already has some clue about where the possible sequel could pick up from. She even has an actor in mind who is none other than the renowned Sylvester Stallone himself.

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Greta Gerwig Wants Sylvester Stallone in Barbie 2

Greta Gerwig
Greta Gerwig

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One could say that Greta Gerwig is a superfan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s past rival, Sylvester Stallone. This was proved when she appeared for an interview with Uproxx and couldn’t stop talking about the Rocky actor.

When asked if the sequel to the Margot Robbie-starrer would pick up from where it ended, Gerwig simply replied,


“No, it’s going to start with her [Barbie] and Sylvester Stallone…You never know! Or that he’s going to direct it.”

Gerwig was also advised to keep a look out for Stallone who has a tendency of taking over movies from directors. However, the filmmaker is more than happy to give up her position for her favorite celebrity: “I mean, he’s welcome to it. It would be an honor. It would be such an honor.” A Barbie film directed by Stallone? Now that would be interesting!

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Sylvester Stallone Inspired Ryan Gosling’s Character

Sylvester Stallone's style inspired Ryan Gosling's Ken
Sylvester Stallone’s style inspired Ryan Gosling’s Ken

When the interviewer stated that Stallone would probably really like Barbie, Gerwig replied,


“Oh, I hope so! Because everything that we have, or that we reference, in the movie is only ever stuff that we love. And I mean, I love Sylvester Stallone.”

Gerwig also talked about how Stallone and his look in the ‘70s, especially in the Rocky franchise, inspired Ryan Gosling’s character and style in Barbie.

“And I love all those Rocky movies. I love him a lot. So it was a really early thing, actually. When Ryan Gosling and I were texting a lot, we kind of both stumbled upon our mutual love of Sly Stallone. And then we were talking about his look in the ‘70s and how terrific it was. And he really adorned himself as a man. And we thought, “Well, that’s a good place to start.” I mean, there are just sort of fabulous images of him, particularly in the Rockys.”

In the film, Gerwig featured a handful of Stallones’ pictures in the Real World where Gosling’s Ken finds them. The pictures ignite something in Ken who has been living in the shadows of the Barbies in Barbie Land.

He begins reevaluating his life and is left questioning what a “Real Man” is supposed to look like. Thus, dressing up like Stallone from the ‘70s, Ken begins a new life at Barbie Land.


Barbie is currently playing in theatres.

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