Not Douma or Muzan, Demon Slayer’s Koyoharu Gotouge’s Favorite Demon Might have been Someone Else Entirely

Here Is Why Akaza Is Demon Slayer Creator's Favourite Demon Instead Of Muzan or Douma.

Not Douma or Muzan, Demon Slayer’s Koyoharu Gotouge’s Favorite Demon Might have been Someone Else Entirely


  • Akaza is Demon Slayer creator's favourite demon since he gets more show time.
  • He has a well-defined backstory to his character when compared to other demons.
  • Akaza has one of the best character design in the series.
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While everybody would have at some point would have expected the mangaka of the famous Demon Slayer series to have a favourite demon out of the top leagues such as Douma or Muzan, turns out netizens have reasons to believe it might be none other than Akaza who is Gotouge’s favourite demon in the whole of the series.

Kibutsuji Muzan
Kibutsuji Muzan

Many factors have led users on Reddit to believe that the third-highest-ranking demon might have been subject to favouritism by none other than the creators themselves.

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Why Akaza Might Be Demon Slayer’s Mangaka’s Favourite Character

It is quite evident how Akaza in the series has a more defining character when compared to other demons. The third-highest-ranking demon was also introduced before any other upper moons in the series, which is surprising for a few reasons that will be stated below.

One of the above reasons is how the demon corps seem to progress in their fights against the demons, starting from the lower moon all the way up to the upper moons, however, Akaza is introduced first in the series, exclusively from every other demon, definitely hints towards a bit of favouritism leaning to his side as he gets more show time than other demons.

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Akaza Is Demon Slayer Creator's Favourite Demon
Akaza Is Demon Slayer Creator’s Favourite Demon

Akaza Has A Better Developed Backstory When Compared To Other Demons

As mentioned before, it can be observed that Akaza clearly has a more defining backstory when compared to other demons in the franchise. This includes fan favourites such as Douma and Muzan as well. 

Much of the audience also finds it touching how Akaza has no memories of his past but still follows values-based and set from that time. These principles include limits set by him on how he will never intend to harm or eat a woman. More of these principles include how he always offers his losing opponent an opportunity to switch over to the demon side, so they can brawl for a longer period of time.

Akaza Has A Well Defined Backstory
Akaza Has A Well Defined Backstory

It should also be noted how despite being the third-highest ranking demon, Akaza has managed to make his way to become Muzan’s favourite, something which definitely hints at favouritism at play from the creator.

Some more reasons fans have pointed out why Akaza might be the favourite demon of Gotouge is because he has one of the coolest character designs in the series. What makes it special is how it is related to his past, which showcases how the mangaka has put a lot of thought into making this character.

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