Not Dwayne Johnson, Another ‘Fast and Furious’ Star Was Hiding in Plain Sight in First Ever Call of Duty Game

Not Dwayne Johnson, Another 'Fast and Furious' Star Was Hiding in Plain Sight in First Ever Call of Duty Game

The Call of Duty franchise has left fans restless since the end of 2022. It was the time when they released their last game – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But that is not all. In November of 2023, they will release the next part, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is the remake of the old version with better graphics and a slight change here and there.

Apart from producing excellent video games, the Call of Duty franchise is famous for another reason. Several Hollywood stars have acted and given voice to in-game characters. Some are playable characters, while others are non-playable. Not many people know, but the first Call of Duty game featured a Fast and Furious actor, and it is none other than Dwayne Johnson’s Hobbs & Shaw co-star, Jason Statham.

Jason Statham in Call of Duty

The first Call of Duty game was released in 2003, and Jason Statham had a ‘major’ role in it. He played and gave voice to the character of Sergeant Waters. During the fourth mission of the British Campaign, Sergeant Waters is saved by the main character, Sergeant Jack Evans. After that, he remained with the main character’s team until the end. It was a supporting role, but the character had its importance.

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Jason Statham
Jason Statham

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Sergeant Waters was seen flying an Fw.200 to escape from the German soldiers. The main character and Waters entered the opposition battalion dressed as Germans to steal information and turn off its defenses. They were successful but needed time to escape by the boat. They suffered a heavy blow during this time when Captain Price Evans sacrificed himself to let the two escape. Being a side character, Jason Statham’s Sergeant Waters was a much-needed soldier for the mission’s success.  

Sergeant Waters in Call of Duty
Sergeant Waters in Call of Duty

In 2003, the graphics were not as advanced as the present. So many might have overlooked Jason Statham’s role. Moreover, it was the first game of the franchise. People hardly knew that it would become a cult gaming franchise. Gaming enthusiasts now believe that Statham’s presence made the game more impressive because he was already an international star at that point due to The Transporter‘s success in 2002.

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All About Call of Duty (2003)

Call of Duty was released on 29 October 2003. It was a first-person shooter game and was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It was released on every platform at that time. The game was divided into three segments – the American, British, and Soviet Campaign. After its release, it became a critical hit, and many reviewers claimed it to be the “Game of the Year”.

Call of Duty (2003)
Call of Duty (2003)

Even if it is just a bit, Jason Statham has helped the franchise grow by being the very first Hollywood star to feature in the game. Being an action star, he knew the nooks and crooks about an action/ military game. Even if the developers ever wish to remake the game in modern-day graphics, gamers worldwide would jump with joy to see Jason Statham. Remakes happen all the time. So it would be a much appreciated one. For the moment, there is no news about Sergeant Waters’ return.

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