“Not everyone has enough time”: Sony’s ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Director J.C. Chandor Believes Netflix is Saving Cinema By Bringing Back Its Old Model

Kraven the Hunter director J.C. Chandor shares his honest opinion about popular franchises.

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  • J.C. Chandor once criticized popular movies taking over cinema.
  • The director previously claimed he would never direct a Marvel movie.
  • Four years later, he signed on to helm Sony's Kraven the Hunter.
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Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter is finally arriving in cinemas soon after several delays and uncertainties. Director J.C. Chandor once had a very interesting opinion about helming superhero movies that took a surprising turn years after.

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven the Hunter / Sony Pictures

Like other filmmakers, Chandor expressed his thoughts on the popularity of streaming platforms and the decline of the theater business. Interestingly, he thinks that Netflix will be bringing back the classic two-hour films in its library rather than focusing on series with several episodes.

Kraven The Hunter Director Expressed Opinion On Theatrical Films And Streaming Platforms

In an interview with World of Reel, filmmaker J.C. Chandor talked about how movies “have turned into these massive $200M retreads” and that original films that aren’t cash grabs often get tossed at the back.


Sadly the theatrical film business, the two-hour movie, has materially changed in the last 5-10 years, and they have turned into these massive $200M retreads or very very small, really original low-budget stuff, but everything in between has been abandoned for the most part unless it fits into a popular genre.

jc chandor empire magazine youtube
J.C. Chandor via Empire Magazine / YouTube

The Triple Frontier helmer noticed that “the two-hour drama has completely disappeared” and that Netflix has come to the realization that no one has the time to watch anything that lasts for more than two hours. “There will always be audiences that want a smartly made two-hour drama,” he stated.

The director speculated that over the next two years, Amazon, Netflix, and Apple will start to “build this model out.” He also expressed his hopes that “these types of movies to come back to the theaters again.”

Chandor was happy to work with Netflix, and he was thankful for the distribution of his movies. When he mentioned that the entertainment business has shifted its focus to massive franchises and popular genres, fans would immediately wonder why he would take on a project like Sony’s Kraven the Hunter.


Something definitely changed his mind or inspired him to accept a project attached to Marvel Studios after saying he would not make a film for them.

J.C. Chandor Previously Refused To Make Superhero Films

aaron taylor-johnson kraven the hunter
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Kraven the Hunter / Sony Pictures

In the same conversation with World of Reel, Chandor was asked for his opinion on directors approaching Netflix after theaters had been flooded with so many superhero movies.

If I’m in those guys’ position, am I going to go out and make the 19th Marvel movie? Probably not.

But, Kraven the Hunter is a product of Marvel under the roof of Sony. It’s quite intriguing how he changed his mind four years after he said he wouldn’t make a superhero movie.


The director hinted at once that the film is a tragedy in his interview with Esquire. He teased fans, “When the final credits roll on this film, if you’ve been paying attention, you won’t have the feeling that this is all going to end great.” Whatever he meant here, it definitely goes with the vibe of the franchise.

Kraven the Hunter hits cinemas on December 13, 2024.


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