Not Goku, Dragon Ball GT’s Strongest Character Might be Someone Else Altogether

This character introduced in the Dragon Ball GT series proved his strength to be more powerful than Goku and Trunks.

not goku, dragon ball gt’s strongest character might be someone else altogether


  • The Z-series successor, Dragon Ball GT, had to live up to very high standards and remains one of the more controversial episodes.
  • That being said, the series leaves the franchise with a hero that is among its most powerful characters—aside from Goku and Trunks.
  • Ever since his early chapter introduction, Gill has been the strongest character in the entire Dragon Ball GT series, as evidenced by numerous incidents and instances.

Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama, is still regarded as one of the greatest animated shows ever. Dragon Ball GT, the Z-series follow-up, had to live up to very high expectations, and it’s still one of the more contentious entries in the series.

Though it covers some interesting concepts and characters, Dragon Ball GT is the shortest of the Dragon Ball series, with only 64 episodes. In Dragon Ball GT, the events of Dragon Ball Z are continued forward, and some very daring narrative and tonal choices are made, not all of which are successful.

Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball GT

That said, the series’ contribution to the franchise is a hero who stands out as one of its strongest characters aside from Goku and Trunks. This character proved his strength on multiple occasions and became the strongest character of the series. His name is Gill and he is a machine mutant.

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Gill From Dragon Ball GT

Originally identified as T2006 or DB4649T2006RS, Gill is a Machine Mutant who travels with Goku, Pan, and Trunks in pursuit of the Black Star Dragon Balls. Although Pan and he are best friends, he is scared of Pan because she often treats him badly, which makes him fearful of her.

After consuming the Dragon Radar, Gill transformed into the Dragon Radar of the Z-Fighters. Gill’s debut appeared to be the showrunners’ attempt to establish the Dragon Radar as a real character in the universe. Gill can fly and levitate thanks to his cyber abilities. Gill’s chest cavity contains a tiny but potent rocket launcher for defense.

Gill - Dragon Ball GT
Gill – Dragon Ball GT

Gill can fire a tiny grappling claw from his abdomen. Gill possesses a special gun that shoots a blue beam that allows him to reverse the effects of General Rilldo’s Metal Breath beam victims. Gill was introduced early in the chapters and many incidents and instances proved why he is the strongest character in the entire Dragon Ball GT series.


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Gill is the Strongest Dragon Ball GT Character

In the Dragon Ball GT series, when Pan, Goku, and Trunks go on a planet to find a dragon ball, Pan is attacked by one of the sandworms of the planet when she is alone. Gill not only saves her but also defeats the sandworm in the process. In an earlier scene of the episode, Goku battles a sandworm and finds it difficult to defeat it. Thus, it is evident that Gill’s strength is considerable if she can vanquish an opponent that even Goku found difficult to defeat.

Gill From Dragon Ball GT
Gill From Dragon Ball GT

To top it all off, Gill discovers the dragon Ball they are searching for on this planet, saving Pan by himself, eliminating a formidable foe, and completing their Earth-saving mission without exerting even a little effort. Gill’s character may be introduced as a comedic aspect of the series, but his endeavors and his bravery make him the strongest character in Dragon Ball GT.

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