Not Just Dwayne Johnson, John Cena Dethroned Another WWE God to Become $9.4B Franchise’s Highest-Paid Wrestler

Not Just Dwayne Johnson, John Cena Dethroned Another WWE God to Become $9.4B Franchise's Highest-Paid Wrestler

John Cena is not just a renowned face in the film industry, but the actor is also known for his various endeavors. It’s no secret that before joining the film line, Cena was the king of the wrestling world. However, Cena isn’t the only actor who hails from the background of a professional wrestler; Dwayne Johnson is also an actor who has successfully transitioned to Hollywood and has become a top industry earner.

Since both actors have established their names in the Hollywood industry, the competition always prevails, especially since the two share a similar background. However, Cena here has surpassed every other wrestler with his mega fortune, and it doesn’t only include Johnson but another wrestler who has been dethroned by Cena.

John Cena WWE
John Cena in WWE

John Cena’s Hollywood triumph surpassed wrestling legacy with a mega fortune

John Cena is not just a big name in the Hollywood industry, but the actor has gained supremacy in the wrestling realm as well. Cena started his career as a professional wrestler and soon became WWE’s biggest star.

Later he joined the film industry and triumphed there too. His shift from wrestling to acting has made a significant contribution to being the highest-paid wrestler in WWE. There was a time when Cena’s reign in the wrestling world was above all, so much that he surpassed wrestlers like Brock Lesnar. 

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Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar

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According to Forbes, 2018 reports, Cena’s estimated earning was $10 million, whereas Lesnar earned $6.5 million. Lesnar was one of the top earners who was dethroned by Cena following his immense popularity in Hollywood. 

However, Lesnar has once again regained his supremacy in the WWE universe, as according to his new contract with WWE, he earns a whopping amount of $12 million per year. 

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What are the criteria for payment for WWE wrestlers?


According to Forbes, there is a criterion based on which the WWE wrestlers get paid. The wrestlers receive a base salary and in addition to that, they get a portion of the company’s revenue. The WWE franchise is worth $9.4 billion, which implies that every known wrestler generates substantial earnings.

If this isn’t enough, then the wrestlers also make money from merchandise sales and get a portion of the revenue from events they participate in.

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Source: Forbes

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