“Not my problem”: Daniel Craig is Tired of Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond Hype After His Retirement as Agent 007

"Not my problem": Daniel Craig is Tired of Henry Cavill and Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond Hype After His Retirement as Agent 007

The character of James Bond stands as one of the most iconic figures in all of fiction, and only a select few individuals have had the privilege of portraying this spy. Certain actors are willing to go to great lengths to step into the role, while others are content to keep their distance from it.

Craig as James Bond
Craig as James Bond

Daniel Craig has been the most recent actor to don the role of Bond, and his performance was truly remarkable. As the franchise begins its search for Craig’s successor, the actor himself has moved on. Regrettably, one interviewer seemed to be unaware of this fact, leading to an uncomfortable interaction with the renowned star.

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Daniel Craig Is Tired Of Questions Surrounding Next Bond

At the premiere of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig was actively participating in interviews and promotional activities. To his chagrin, he found himself facing a question he often disliked: the inquiry about who would be the next actor to assume the role of James Bond.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, this is the point where the exchange between Craig and the interviewer took an uncomfortable turn, as the wrong question was posed to the wrong individual.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig

However, during a specific interview with 9News Today, it became evident that the 53-year-old actor had grown weary of inquiries regarding his successor in the James Bond role. When pressed about the next Bond, he curtly responded with, “Not my problem.” When questioned about the possibility of returning as Bond himself, his response was a succinct “Nope.”

While it’s likely that the interviewer had good intentions and was merely fulfilling their role, the question they posed was ill-suited for the occasion. Craig had previously made his reluctance to continue with the Bond franchise abundantly clear, firmly expressing his disinterest in any future Bond-related endeavors.

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Who Could Be The Next James Bond?

As reported by GBNews, throughout the year 2023, individuals such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Henry Cavill, and James Norton have consistently been leading candidates for the role. In more recent months, Damson Idris and Harris Dickinson have also joined the mix.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson at an event
Aaron Taylor-Johnson at an event

Nonetheless, there have been alterations to this lineup. The site went on to note that Damson Idris from Snowfall has solidified his position as the clear front-runner with odds of 2/1, while Aaron Taylor-Johnson, known for Kick-Ass, remains a noteworthy contender with odds of 9/4.

In reality, this doesn’t provide us with much insight. Few anticipated Daniel Craig taking on the role after Pierce Brosnan, so perhaps we’ll witness a major unexpected announcement when it comes to the next Bond.

With Daniel Craig having bid farewell to the role of James Bond, let’s hope that he won’t have to contend with any more inquiries about the iconic character. It’s evident that he’s ready to move on.

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