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“Not putting this in theaters was crazy”: Fans Want a Predator vs Pirates Movie Set in the Ocean to Release in Theaters after Amber Midthunder’s ‘Prey’

"Not putting this in theaters was crazy": Fans Want a Predator vs Pirates Movie Set in the Ocean to Release in Theaters after Amber Midthunder's 'Prey'

After years of waiting, 2022 finally saw the release of Amber Midthunter’s highly-anticipated movie Prey. Hailed as one of the best in the series according to fans, Prey also brought back a heavy dose of nostalgia from Predator 2.

The connection became even more prominent when during the last fight, Midthunter’s Naru brought back the gun from the pirate Raphael Adolini to finish off the predator.

Amber Midthunder in Prey
Amber Midthunder in Prey (2022)

As such, along with fans’ disappointment over not being able to watch Prey in the cinemas, as the movie had an OTT-only release, they seem bummed about the non-existence of a Predator vs Pirates movie to date. So inevitably, they have taken to Twitter to urge the studio into giving this brilliant idea a chance.

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Amber Midthunter’s Prey opened the road for a Predator vs Pirates movie

2022’s Prey became a unique experience for fans of the franchise, as finally it reverts the story to the beginning. As in, Prey works as a prequel to Predator. And as a result, gains that much more creative freedom to explore its own storyline without relying on the other movies in the franchise too much.

It also highlights Amber Midthunter’s acting skills as she stuns as Naru, a Comanche warrior fighting with natural elements, colonizers, and the highly evolved Alien Predator alike, to keep her people safe.

Amber Midthunder as Naru in Prey (2022)
Amber Midthunder as Naru in Prey (2022)

Although the movie peppers references here and there, the major turning point, though, comes during the final fight when suddenly a Flintlock pistol engraved with Raphael Adolini 1715 appears.

It acts as a direct reference to the last sequence of Predator 2 set around 278 years after Prey, where a group of Predators arrive on Earth to collect their dead and throws that very pistol to Danny Glover’s Mike Harrigan.

A scarier predator in Prey?
Naru, a Comanche warrior

While it implies their respect towards the humans strong enough to take out such a highly evolved killer, it also provides an earth-shattering revelation that they have been here on Earth for centuries, hunting humans for sport.

Now that very pistol, originally belonging to the pirate Raphael Adolini, was attacked by his own crew during a mutiny when they disagreed with his decision to return stolen gold to the Church for which it was originally intended.

The Predator in Prey
The Predator in Prey

However, a Predator kept close watch during this fight, and when the pirate captain successfully took out the entire crew, deeming him a worthy opponent, the extraterrestrial hunter goes to challenge him.

However, right before he could issue a challenge, one of the crew members, who was previously thought to be dead shoots the captain from the back.

The Predator kills the backstabber, and Adolini with his dying words gifts the pistol to him, as was described in detail in 1996’s A Decade of Darkhorse special anthology. Prey takes place exactly a year after this event, and as such, the potential for numerous prequels during this timeline is quite insane.

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Fans urge 20th Century Fox Studios to make a Predator vs Pirate movie

Now getting a glimpse of this very potential seems to have thrown the fans into a frenzy. Feeling disappointed, they seem to be demanding a theatrical release of Prey, and urging the studio to take the idea of a Predator vs Pirate set in the ocean seriously.

how prey breathed new life into the predator franchise
Prey (2022)

From claiming they would literally give anything to watch that happen, to saying they shouldn’t have released the best movie in the franchise just on ott platforms, fans seem to be having a field day. 

It is interesting that just a few days ago the previous licensing director of 20th Century Fox Studios before Disney’s acquisition, Joshua Izzo, claimed that there is an entire, completed Alien vs Predator anime series locked in Disney’s dungeons with no probable release date in sight.

As such, whether this Predator vs Pirate idea will ever see the light of day is pretty hard to say for now. However, one thing is for sure, be it the anime, or the movie, with the potential story materials in store, they should be an amazing experience if they do indeed get released one day.

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Prey is available to watch on Disney+.

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