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“Not remotely a Fantastic Beasts level collapse”: Fans Convinced Fast X Not as Big a Clusterf**k as Harry Potter Prequel, On Track to Earn $715M Globally

"Not remotely a Fantastic Beasts level collapse": Fans Convinced Fast X Not as Big a Clusterf**k as Harry Potter Prequel, On Track to Earn $715M Globally

This was definitely bad news for the debatable Fantastic Beasts series, as Warner Brothers and HBO Max have announced that the plot of Harry Potter and his numerous adventures will be remade into a television format. This suggests that the show will likely be a full-blown reboot that recasts many of the beloved characters and tells these legendary stories in a completely different way. 

Well, coming to the latest release, Fast and Furious 10, which is the most recent entry in the Fast Saga, but is it also the final one? Long before the ensemble cast of Fast X, the Fast & Furious movies got their start with The Fast & the Furious and substituted street racing for surfing.

Harry Potter Prequel, Fantastic Beasts
Harry Potter Prequel, Fantastic Beasts

Here, also note that Fast X, director Louis Leterrier has already agreed to direct Fast & Furious 11, and The Flash screenwriter, Christina Hodson is handling the script. Have these two works been cut out simply because of the fallout from the tenth chapter (Fast X)?

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Fans Convinced Fast X Not as Big As Harry Potter Prequel

A reboot, or ‘fresh start,’ for a Fantastic Beasts series that already has a place in popular culture, is allured by the recent failures of a well-liked franchise. A new Harry Potter movie series is not necessary, at least not right away, in reality. 

On the other hand, with 11 films, Fast and the Furious is currently the fifth franchise to surpass $7 billion at the box office worldwide. At the moment, it holds the fifth-highest position in terms of total revenue for a franchise.

Fast X
Fast X

Scott Mendelson, a film reporter for The Wrap, reports that Fast X‘s global earnings now total more than $600 million. With this pace, it will end up with roughly $715 million worldwide. He tweeted:

“Not a blow-out hit (partially due to the $340 million budget) but not remotely a Fantastic Beasts/Divergent-level collapse.”

Check out what other fans have to say about this-

Well, he may be right since, given the abundance of historical events that could be given a magical twist, the concept of setting Harry Potter in various eras and locations sounds brilliant.  

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What Did Vin Diesel Have To Say?

Fast X will be the first installment of a trilogy that will serve as the grand finale to the Fast & Furious Saga, according to Vin Diesel, the franchise’s star, producer, and ‘head of the family’, who made the announcement recently.

But this wasn’t always the plan for the star and the studio; instead, it was a development that came about as they were putting the finishing touches on Fast X. The next installment’s release date is unknown, but it is expected to happen sometime in 2025. 

How Much Faster Can We Reasonably Expect For Fast X?
How Much Faster Can We Reasonably Expect For Fast X?

At the box office, each Fast and the Furious film has brought in a sizable sum of money, indicating that moviegoers do not agree with the charge that the studio is abusing the franchise.

Furious 7 from 2015 is the best-performing film in the series. The only two movies in the franchise to gross more than $1 billion worldwide are Fast 7 and its follow-up, The Fate of the Furious.

Well, you can watch the latest released, Fast X, which is out now in theaters.

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