Not Stephen Amell, Another Arrowverse Hero Will Be in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman 2 to Fight Barry Keoghan’s Joker? Viral Campaign Shows Pattinson, Grant Gustin Face-to-Face

Not Stephen Amell, Another Arrowverse Hero Will Be in Robert Pattinson's The Batman 2 to Fight Barry Keoghan's Joker? Viral Campaign Shows Pattinson, Grant Gustin Face-to-Face
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Fans of Robert Pattinson’s Batman are very excited about the release of the next installment of the franchise. The first film was released in 2022 and received well at the box office. Pattinson has taken up the role of cape crusader after the impressive work of the former Batman, played by ace actor Ben Affleck. Talks about the second film featuring Pattinson are making rounds on social media as fans wish to see Grant Gustin reprise his Flash role.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

Fans are rooting for the team of Robert Pattinson’s Batman and actor Grant Gustin’ DC superhero The Flash in The Batman 2. The viewers are speculating member of Arrowverse to be cast in the upcoming Batman film.

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DC fans wish to see Grant Gustin’s The Flash in The Batman 2

The DC film The Batman 2 was officially announced at the start of the year, as part of the DC Studios’ projects. The film will be released by 2025. The sequel will be a continuation of the first one and exist in its universe. The film will feature the Twilight Saga star Bruce Wayne. The supporting cast includes Andy Serkis, Jeffrey Wright, Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan, and more. There are talks about Flash’s appearance in the franchise.

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka The Flash
Grant Gustin as Barry Allen aka The Flash. Source: The CW

Fans of the DC universe wish to see Arrowverse fame Grant Gustin reprise his role as The Flash. He appeared as Barry Allen in the Arrowverse and was part of the series for a long duration of nine seasons. There were also some crossover episodes and events. The Flash season 9 ended earlier this year, but the fans wish to see more of him on the screens.

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Fans showed support for Grant Gustin’s casting The Batman 2

There has been no declaration of the appearance of The Flash in the upcoming Batman films. However, fans are speculating about the revival of the comic book superhero for the next film, with Robert Pattinson, which may be released by 2025. In the first film by Pattinson, his character Bruce Wayne is shown at the start of his career, hence the chances of the appearance of another DC star or even the existence of another superhero is difficult. However, the prospect of Gustin in Pattinson’s film is quite interesting.

Grant-Gustin’s Flash with-Robert Pattinson’s Batman
Grant-Gustin’s Flash with-Robert Pattinson’s Batman

Check out some fan reactions,

A user wrote,


Finally a good Batman movie

Another shared,

I would loved that but it wouldn’t happened since The Batman universe is very grounded

One posted,

Grant is an amazing actor who has been given consistently horrible writing over the last 5+ seasons(most of S1 and 2 are great), and given a new direction and slight changes, I’d welcome him being The Flash again

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Grant Gustin as the Flash
Grant Gustin as the Flash

In the series, Grant Gustin played the Arrowverse version of Barry Allen, which meant his version of The Flash is not from The Batman universe. Hence, the collaboration of the two stars in one universe is tricky. However, with the concept of a multiverse, The Batman 2 can achieve this feat of bringing The Flash into the film to fight together against a stronger enemy.

The first Batman film by Robert Pattinson was more into realism, hence the concept of a multiverse is unlikely for the second part. Gustin can appear as Barry Allen in the film instead of his version from Arrowverse.

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