“Not the spin-off I was expecting”: Suits Brought Together Two of its Most Iconic Characters in a Way No Fan Saw Coming

Fans Did Not See 'Suits' Co-stars' Reunion Coming for This Commercial!

"Not the spin-off I was expecting": Suits Brought Together Two of its Most Iconic Characters in a Way No Fan Saw Coming


  • 'Suits' co-stars reunited for a commercial for e.l.f. Cosmetics which was aired as on of the Super Bowl commercials.
  • Gina Torres and Rick Hoffman's appearance in the court scene has been a pleasant surprise for fans.
  • Everything that is known about the new 'Suits' show named 'Suits L.A'.
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American legal TV series Suits, which originally aired on the USA Network from 2011-2019, was back in demand last year. Thanks to its availability on Netflix, it became the most-watched streaming TV show last year. A new pilot of the show was ordered late last year, and so it is already in development.


Suits co-stars Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty got together for e.l.f. Cosmetics commercial for Super Bowl. The advertisement was aired on February 11, 2024. The spot featured a segment called ‘Judge Beauty,’ which takes place in e.l.f. Court. Fans were elated about the advertisement as they saw their favorite characters together again.

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in a still from Suits
Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in a still from Suits

Fans’ Reactions to Suits Co-stars Reuniting for e.l.f. Cosmetics Commercial

Anyone who follows the Super Bowl must remember last year’s e.l.f. Cosmetics promo in which White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge single-handedly convinced the world that she would play a great dolphin, and that e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Power Grip Primer was worth a shot.

Suits co-stars Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres and Rick Hoffman for e.l.f. Cosmetics
Suits co-stars Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and Rick Hoffman for e.l.f. Cosmetics

This year e.l.f. Cosmetics chose to take it up a notch by summoning some of the most popular celebrities to the court by Judge Beauty. In this world, Judge Beauty is none other than Judge Judy. The commercial also stars Jury Duty breakout star Ronald Gladden, RuPaul’s Drag Race star Heidi N Closet, comedian Benito Skinner, Grammy Award-winner musician Meghan Trainor, and former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

In the commercial (via iamginatorres on Instagram), Rick Hoffman sues Gina Torres for using the company’s funds for overpriced makeup. Torres confesses to having used pricy makeup and is hence, found guilty by Judge Judy, who sentences the Pearson star to having glowy skin from only using e.l.f.’s new $14 Halo Glow Liquid Filter. Fans were delighted to see the mini Suits reunion as one of them wrote: “Not the spinoff I was expecting”

Here is what some others have said:


“But also Jessica Pearson, Managing Partner would NEVER fold.”

“And Louis backed off because he wasn’t “irritating””

“This is actually iconic so many Easter eggs and random appearances!”

“The mini reboot we needed!”

“OMG this just made my whole morning. Jessica Louis and Donna reunited. The fact it was you against Louis made it more funny”
Fans loved to see the mini-reunion of the Suits co-stars ahead of the new pilot. That being said, the new pilot is already in the making.

Everything Known About Suits L.A. So Far

The original cast of Suits
Suits L.A. is reportedly neither a reboot nor a spin-off. It is more of an extension of the already existing universe of that show. It is being written and executive-produced by Aaron Korsh, creator of the original show.
This new show will have an entirely new set of characters so there is a chance that the stars of the original show, which was aired for nine seasons, may not make an appearance. Only time will tell what is in store for this new show, which will be directed by Victoria Mahoney.

Suits L.A. will follow the lead character Ted Black, a former New York-based federal prosecutor. Ted’s team of lawyers will try to balance their personal and professional lives as Ted is at a critical point at his private Los Angeles firm.

Suits is available for streaming on Netflix and Peacock.


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