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“Nothing they do in Deadpool 3 would be more disrespectful”: The Flash Multiverse Cameo Disrespecting DC Legend Has Even Marvel Fans Riled Up Against James Gunn

The Flash Multiverse Cameo Disrespecting DC Legend Has Even Marvel Fans Riled Up Against James Gunn

Ezra Miller’s The Flash saw what can easily be described as a turn of events. A movie that was earlier hyped as one of the best films in the DC Universe and even regarded to give the spin the franchise had so desperately been needing, quickly fell. The movie had disappointment thrown at the audience’s faces.

The Flash
A still from The Flash (Credit: WB)

From the lack of Flash’s villains and poor storytelling to the improper and incomplete VFX and CGI. There were more reasons to complain about the movie than to compliment it. The amount of praise the movie had got prior to its release faded once the audience got to see it. Marketing strategies were more than failing and things were not looking as good as anyone would have hoped for. However, one thing stood out to be worse than the others.

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The Flash’s Disrespect Towards Christopher Reeve

The Flash offered a lot of cameos that were supposed to pose as fan service but ended up doing the exact opposite. Every shot that the movie tried to make itself better proved not to go as well. Especially when certain cameos came into play. From Nicolas Cage’s Superman to Goerge Clooney, the entire movie was packed with appearances of actors who previously played some of the most iconic roles. However, one particular cameo did not sit well with the audience.

Till date Reeve remains the most iconic Superman
To date, Reeve remains the most iconic Superman (Credit: WB)

Christopher Reeve made an appearance with Helen Slater as Superman and Supergirl. Reeve’s appearance was purely made using artificial intelligence and CGI. Fans were not very happy with what they saw and it can easily be taken as disrespect towards the actor and his legacy. At the same time, it could also be taken as an homage to the actor. However, paying homage can be done in much better ways instead of using poor VFX and conforming to something the late actor would probably not have liked.

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Fans Stand Against The Disrespect Shown By The Flash

Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978)
Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978) (Credit: WB)

Despite some fans quite liking the cameo that included Christopher Reeve, a majority of them were against it. They thought it to be pure disrespect and were not okay with it at all. They wished to see Reeve, no doubt, but in a different manner. If homage was to be paid, it could have been done in a way where old scenes from his previous movies begin to play.

More so, there are various actors who are very much alive and could also have made an appearance in the movie. Brandon Routh was a name that appeared much more frequently when the fans expressed their wish to see a Superman actor. It was not that Reeve was present in the film that upset the fans, but how he was present. Marvel fans and DC fans were both united when they talked about the dismay that was caused by the movie. No matter how many cameos the upcoming Deadpool 3 may include, as they stated, it would not be any worse than what The Flash presented.

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