“Now I just sound like an idiot”: Joss Whedon’s Love for an Iconic X-Men Character Shaped Chris Evans’ Captain America in the Most Genius Way Possible

Joss Whedon shared his inspiration while drafting Captain America's script for 2012's The Avengers.

“Now I just sound like an idiot”: Joss Whedon’s Love for an Iconic X-Men Character Shaped Chris Evans’ Captain America in the Most Genius Way Possible


  • Joss Whedon was inspired by X-Men's Cyclops while writing Captain America's part in The Avengers.
  • The character is notable for his unawareness of modern trends due to him being frozen for years.
  • Chris Evans talked about dealing with the fame that came after his portrayal of Captain America.
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Joss Whedon helped helm an empire of superhero movies by bringing to life several beloved characters that were once just found in the comics. Even though he only directed a couple of installments, these titles were very crucial as they served as the foundation of the entire MCU saga.

joss whedon and chris evans
Joss Whedon and Chris Evans

As a fan of the Marvel comics, he could not help but profess his love for the X-Men characters, particularly one popular name, which he admitted aided in shaping Captain America’s personality in the films.

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Joss Whedon Talks Inspiration For Captain America In The Avengers

During an interview with Yahoo, director Joss Whedon talked about his work on 2012’s The Avengers and how he came up with the script noting the major characters’ individual tones. Chris Evans portrayed Captain America, a soldier born out of an experiment and a man out of time. Whedon explained how the famed hero came to be:

I love a straightforward character. I am the guy who loves Cyclops on the ‘X-Men’ because he is square. [Captain America] is a little square, and he is aware that he is a little square, and he is aware that the world is a beat ahead of him, or in his case, 70 beats. I think that’s very disarming and very charming. I relate to that guy. I also don’t know who the popular singers are right now, so he is actually really easy for me to write.”

Now, it was clear that Cyclops from the X-Men franchise had an influence on Captain America. Fans who have seen the movies would pretty much notice how Scott Summers conducts himself as well as his manner of dealing with other mutants. Interestingly, he has the ability to fire destructive optic beams from his eyes.

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Iron Man Captain America
Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Chris Evans as Captain America

Joss Whedon also remarked that Steve Rogers is very much unaware of the trends after being a ‘Capsicle’ for several decades. Of course, Evans had to play the part and make the viewers believe he was really out of the loop.

There were some lines where [Chris] would be like, ‘Okay, now I just sound like an idiot.’ And in context, I was like, ‘Yeah, actually, now that it’s all laid out that is a bit much.’ But he is very aware of his dignity, but at the same time understood why I wanted to find the humor in somebody who was so out of touch.”

Captain America had one of the most fascinating storylines in the MCU, and after all the hardships and sacrifices he made over the course of three MCU phases, he finally got the happy ending he deserved.

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Chris Evans On Dealing With Fame After Playing Captain America

Captain America marvel
Chris Evans as Captain America

There’s no other role in Chris Evans’ career that would immediately ring a bell than his portrayal of Captain America. Indeed, the popularity of the character also brought immense fame to the actor. While Evans loved the craft, he was wary of what it could bring into his life. He told the Independent:

I love the Marvel movies that they make, and I love being part of their family. Any negativity would come about because of my apprehension about being famous. After doing the first Captain America and The Avengers movie you realize that the fame comes in waves, and when the movies come out there is a surge in interest, and then it goes away, and your life is not ruined.”

After his stint in the MCU, Evans has been staying low-profile and has not been taking any offers from huge franchises, except for a couple of streaming projects such as The Gray Man and Ghosted.

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