“Now I’ve got to fix things”: Despite 2X Profit, Sylvester Stallone Regretted Final $91M Rambo Movie

Despite 2X Profit, Sylvester Stallone Regretted Final $91M Rambo Movie
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Sylvester Stallone has a remarkable movie career and a legacy as an action megastar. The 76-year-old made his debut in the 1970 adult film The Party at Kitty and Stud’s which was later named The Italian Stallion. Following that he has appeared in over 78 films. 

Sylvester Stallone
Sylvester Stallone. Source: Lionsgate Films

Stallone has been keen on his appearance. He knows what it takes to be an action star and be relevant in the industry. He is known for undergoing physical change for movie roles; sometimes unbelievably restrictive diets or intense workout routines. Stallone has over five decades of experience in the film industry working with a wide range of directors and actors alike.

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Why Does Stallone Regret Doing Rambo: Last Blood?

Rambo: Last Blood
Rambo: Last Blood. Lionsgate Films

Rambo franchise’s John Rambo is a legendary character and definitely lethal, combating enemies with a knife, bow and arrow, a gun, or sometimes with his bare hands. However, in an Instagram video, the actor said that he regretted doing the last Rambo movie for the physical cost.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the gym because I’ve been out there doing Rambo, which caused a lot of damage. So now I’ve got to fix things,” the Rambo actor said.

The video revealed that Sylvester Stallone was forced to rest after doing Rambo: Last Blood due to too much physical effort he had to put in the film and only hitting the gym after the relaxation period is over.

 “Who wouldn’t rather be in bed, just relaxing a little bit but, listen, life is like a movie […] If you’re gonna play the lead you gotta get out there and go after it. See you soon keep pumping,” the actor said after hitting the gym.

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How Was Rambo: Last Blood?

Rambo: Last Blood
Rambo: Last Blood. Source: Lionsgate Films

The last installment of the franchise performed decently at the box office grossing over $91 million in the box office against its $50 million budget. The movie follows the story of Gabriela, the granddaughter of John Rambo’s friend who disappeared in Mexico, rescuing her from the clutches of local cartels took a violent turn and bloodshed dominated the action influenced by vengeance.

However, Vietnam War veteran Rambo’s wild action did not have wide reception, and the critics criticized the script and graphic violence heavily. The movie also faced accusations of racist and xenophobic attitudes toward Mexico.

Adrian Grunberg’s Rambo 5: Last Blood was released in 2019 in which Stallone co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Cirulnick.


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Sylvester Stallone’s Recent Filmography

Samaritan. Source: Amazon Studios

Recently, Stallone appeared in the superhero flick Samaritan in 2022. The film is adapted from the graphic novel Mythos Comics, Stallone played the dark superhero in the film which was directed by Julius Avery. He also appeared in Paramount’s original Tulsa King in 2022. Stallone is all set to play Stakar Ogord in Marvel Studios’ Phase-5 movie Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3 which is scheduled to release on 5 May 2023. However, in his most anticipated The Expendables 4, he’ll reprise his role, Barney Ross.

Stallone is still active in the industry, sometimes blazing his muscles and hitting the gym even at this age. Probably, he’ll appear in more movies in the coming years.


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