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‘Now save Warrion Nun, 1899’: Netflix Officially Renewing Wednesday for Season 2 Ignites Fan Debate To Resurrect Two Criminally Underrated Netflix Shows

wednesday 1899 and warrior nun

Jenna Ortega outdid herself in the titular role of Wednesday which led to fans obsessing over the series. The idea of focusing on a particular member of the Addams family, especially Wednesday Addams was a unique move proving to be the right one in the eyes of the audience. The fame and support that it received led to Netflix renewing the series for a second season.

The Addams Family in Netflixs Wednesday
The Addams Family in Netflix’s Wednesday

While this is exactly what the fans had been asking for, it made them ask for more seasons of shows that may be overlooked by Netflix due to their focus on projects that gain mass popularity. They have been asking for the streaming giant to renew underrated shows like Warrior Nun and 1899 for more seasons.

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Netflix Has Renewed Both Wednesday And The Sandman

Amongst the various new shows released on Netflix in the year 2022, two of them gained more popularity than the rest. These two were none other than Wednesday and The Sandman. While the former became much more famous than the latter, they both hold the talent of Gwendoline Christie. Starring Jenna Ortega, Wednesday undoubtedly became a fan favorite, making it no surprise that Netflix would renew it for another season.

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday

While fans had been waiting for them to be renewed for a while now, these weren’t the only shows that amazed fans. 1899 received a massive amount of praise and has yet to be canceled by the streaming service due to viewership not reaching Netflix’s expectations. However, it quickly became an underrated gem much like Warrior Nun, which too got canceled after only two seasons.

The demand to bring back two amazing shows does not end as fans collectively want to see them gain the popularity and love that they deserve. Both these shows were fairly popular but could not reach the expectations that Netflix has. Fair enough for them it is about the numbers and if they don’t see any profit then to make another season would seem pointless. However, that does not stop fans from asking for more.

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Warrior Nun And 1899 Gain Massive Support From Fans

Warrior Nun
Warrior Nun

Both the series that have been canceled were much loved by the audience. Even though the viewership was nowhere near their requirements, they created a strong fanbase regardless.


The support that fans have for Warrior Nun and 1899 brings the question of just how many hidden gems Netflix canceled. While not the first shows to receive this fate, it certainly does not make it easier for the fans who had been enjoying the series and will be left without a conclusion to the stories.

Wednesday, 1899, The Sandman and Warrior Nun are all streaming on Netflix.

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