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‘Obviously that changed’: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Was More Focused on T’Challa’s Son But Story Was Changed After Chadwick Boseman’s Death

Wakanda Forever Was More Focused on T'Challa's Son

The release of the long-awaited sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been wreaking havoc at the box office since the opening weekend on November 11, and has no intentions of stopping. With stunning visuals, exemplary performances, and a perfect blend of CGI and environment and character design, the film almost feels like a portrait brought to life by Ryan Coogler’s extraordinary vision. But even still, the absence of King T’Challa was profoundly felt throughout the movie’s run time.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

When Chadwick Boseman left us with fond memories of playing the role of Black Panther, there were so many things that changed when he died, leaving a legacy behind to continue.

But after a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the co-writer of the script of the new film revealed that there was going to be a lot of emphasis on King T’Challa’s son who was recently introduced in the movie. Still, it had to be changed after Boseman’s untimely demise.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Wanted More Focus On T’Challa’s Son

Chadwick Boseman was one of those actors that had entered the MCU at a later stage, but he made the character that he played almost like a part of himself from the moment we saw him. Playing the role of the prince of Wakanda in Captain America: Civil War, and later, we saw him donning the vibranium suit of the Black Panther in a few other movies that followed. But after his death on August 28th, 2020, the fandom would mourn the death of an influential man who brought life to the character.

Ryan Coogler with Chadwick Boseman on the set of Black Panther
Ryan Coogler with Chadwick Boseman on the set of Black Panther

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But his death not only changed the life of the people who were close to him, but it also shifted the whole narrative of the MCU and its future. in a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, co-writer of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Joe Robert Cole revealed that due to Boseman’s death, the film had to shift focus from T’challa’s and Nakia’s son Toussiant, who was briefly introduced during the mid-credit scenes of the film. He said:

“Yeah, [in] a previous iteration, we really were more child-focused in the narrative, and his son was a part of that. Obviously that changed, but we wanted him to exist in the film in some way. It was much more reduced. And there were conversations about, when do we reveal this information to the audience, and what’s the best version of it? Not only emotionally, but just narratively for the story and how it affects the characters in the story when they find out this information, and so forth. We played around a little bit, but he was never going to have a much larger presence after Chad passed.”

This revelation has sent a shock all over the MCU and the fandom, and it has also shown just how big a part of the grand scheme T’Challa was. After this news, fans are pleased as well as excited about the future of the Black Panther franchise.

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What Is The Future Of Black Panther In The MCU?

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

After T’Challa’s death, it was up to the queen of the kingdom to take over as the rightful ruler of Wakanda. But with Namor’s attack on the nation, it was up to the Dora Milaje to ensure the victory of their kingdom. After Shuri donned the Black Panther suit, it was confirmed that the protector of Wakanda was still alive in her. Now, after the events of the sequel, we have little to no information about what the future holds for Black Panther, but it is obvious that the Multiverse Saga will provide justice to the character and continue Boseman’s legacy.

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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is now in cinemas.

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