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Odd Jobs You Never Knew The Avengers Had In Comics


The Avengers represent the best of our society. They selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to protect humanity from evil. They are do-gooders who lead heroic life. Celebrated by people for their service and looked up to for their virtues and powers, they are truly iconic heroes from the comics. 

However, being a superhero is often not enough to pay the bills. Today, we take a look at odd jobs you never knew the Avengers had in the comics. Whether to foot the bills or to merge in society to keep a check on evil elements, our favorite heroes spent time doing ordinary work at some point in the comics. What do you think of this? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below. 

Thor of The Avengers Spent Time As A Construction Worker

We list odd jobs that the avengers did at some point in the comics
A Picture of Thor

A God, who has immense wealth, power, and respect at his command, Thor, is the heir to Asgard. Moreover, his hammer, Mjolnir is one of the most powerful weapons in the world. Despite tall this, Thor worked as a construction worker at one point in the comics. He used the pseudonym “Sigurd Jarlson” to mingle in society and helped build skyscrapers in New York. Putting his extraordinary hammer to a rather ordinary use!

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Sam Wilson Worker As A Social Worker

We list odd jobs that the avengers did at some point in the comics
Sam Wilson from the comics

A prominent member of the Avengers, Sam Wilson, has served as Falcon and later as Captain America. In either avatar, he has been of immense value to the team and has distinguished himself as a hero. However, in an earlier life, Wilson worked as a social worker in Harlem. Even though he became a superhero he remained a dedicated member of the society by fighting private police and mentoring young people like Roscoe Simmons. 

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Moon Knight Drove A Taxi 

We list odd jobs that the avengers did at some point in the comics
Jake Lockley drove a taxi in the comics

Marc Spector/ Moon Knight just finished with a successful live-action series on Disney+. His prolific martial arts skills and amazing powers bestowed to him by Khonshu have made him a useful ally to the Avengers many times. Now, even though Marc Spector is the primary identity of Moon Knight, he is not the only one. There is Jake Lockley, who drove a taxi in the comics. This gig helped him keep an eye on the anti-social elements of society. 

Wonder Man of the Avengers Did His Own Stunts 

We list odd jobs that the avengers did at some point in the comics
The Wonder Man

Originally a businessman, Simon Williams underwent a transformation into an ionic energy being to become the Wonder Man. This was done by Baron Zemo.  He later became a member of the Avengers and used his powers and extraordinary abilities to fight evil and protect humanity. Wonder Man performed on the stage, finding his big break as “Uncle Muscles” on the Uncle Elmer Show. He later worked as a stuntman in Hollywood. 

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Captain America Worked As An Illustrator 

We list odd jobs that they did at some point in the comics
Sam Wilson as Captain America

One of the popular superheroes, Steve Roger – Captain America has been exceptional in his service. He has selflessly worked for the greater good, volunteering to become a super-soldier during WW2. The erstwhile leader of the Avengers once worked as an illustrator. He successfully worked as an artist for Marvel Comics and drew the Captain America comics. 

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Written by Angad Singh

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