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“Of course I’m coming back”: Stephen Amell Reacts To Green Arrow Returning for One Last Ride in The Flash Season 9

Stephen Amell Reacts To Green Arrow Returning for One Last Ride in The Flash Season 9

Ever since Arrow first ended back in 2020 after eight wonderful seasons, fans have been wondering whether or not Stephen Amell will return to his role once more. Now, with The Flash’s final season airing soon, it is official that the actor will pick up his bow and arrow one last time. The entire Arrowverse started with Amell and so did The Flash.

Stephen Amell
Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin

The first appearance of Barry Allen was in season two of Arrow in the episode ‘The Scientist’. It was to establish the character of the Scarlet Speedster and his upcoming show. Both Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell are perfect for their roles and there is no one else fans can imagine to play those characters even if the DC Universe and the Arrowverse get deemed separate.

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Stephen Amell Will Be Returning As Oliver Queen

As if completing a full circle, Stephen Amell will be returning in the ninth episode of the final season of The Flash. The friendship that Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have is easily similar to that of brothers. Both characters play an integral part in each other’s series and often made appearances in the forms of either simple cameos or crossover episodes.

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Flash and Green Arrow

While Amell had previously stated that he would be open to returning as the character in the concluding season of the series, there had been no news regarding the same. However, the odds were in the fans’ favor as the actor will be coming back one last time alongside Grant Gustin. The actors and their characters share a similar friendship which made the experience of watching them on-screen even more enjoyable.

Fans can now live through that experience one last time as the show comes to an end, making their friendship eternal in the mind but limited on screen. Moreover, the actor himself is more than excited to pick up his bow and arrow once again.

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Fans Get Hyped For Stephen Amell’s Return

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Barry Allen and Oliver Queen

Upon learning the news of Stephen Amell’s return to the Arrowverse, fans have been more than excited and ready to see the actor come back in his iconic role. Ever since Oliver Queen died in the final season of Arrow fans have been wondering when would be a possibility for the actor to somehow return to his role.

The possibilities of this were endless, especially considering that time travel is no difficult task for Flash. His return has made the audience overjoyed and excited to see him as the Green Arrow once again.

The final season of The Flash will air on 8th February 2023 on the CW.

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