Official Explanation for Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko Confirms it’s Deadlier Than Every Ability Naruto Has Come up With

Boruto's Rasengan Uzuhiko is an OP ability that could lead the manga to face problems later on.

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  • Boruto's Rasengan Uzuhiko is one of the strongest jutsus ever introduced in Boruto.
  • It infuses the planet's rotational force to impair the target, and the effects only compound over time.
  • However, it is such an OP ability that it could be difficult to work around.
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Boruto: Two Blue Vortex debuted an extremely intriguing power in its recent chapters. Boruto revealed an OP ability that was different than any other technique introduced in the series.


Code received first hand damage from Boruto’s new powers and its after-effects were enough to keep him down. So what is this OP ability? And is it a sustainable power for Boruto to keep using in the long run?

How does Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko Work?

Rasengan Uzuhiko Boruto
Rasengan Uzuhiko | Boruto Viz Media

Recently, the official website of Naruto revealed how Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko works. Uzuhiko is prepared by Boruto by gathering the chakra around his body rather than just his palm. Additionally, it also uses the chakra of the planet’s rotation.


Once the attack comes in contact with the target, it infuses the rotating chakra into the victim. Thus, the target is hit with the full force of the planet’s rotation. Other than the damage of the rasengan technique, the target is also hit with a never-ending vertigo, stemming from the planet.

Code himself was perplexed by it as evven after the attack’s initial effects had subsided, he could not stand up. Boruto then explained that the power rushing through Code’s body would never dissipate, until the earth itself stopped spinning or the user disables it.

Boruto adds that it is an ironic power since the Earth is fighting for itself against the forced who wish to destroy it.


Will Rasengan Uzuhiko Backfire Later in the Manga?

Boruto using Rasengan Uzuhiko Borto
Boruto using Rasengan Uzuhiko | Boruto Viz Media

There is no doubt that Rasengan Uzuhiko is an exceptional technique. But at the same time, it is extremely powerful and one of the strongest jutsus to ever be introduced in Boruto.

Daemon himself stated that using the technique made the entire Earth tremble. If just merely using it can cause this effect on Earth, it can be questioned if the power is even sustainable.

Apart from the fact that it seems to be a dangerous jutsu, Uzuhiko is an OP ability, capable of bringing down even the strongest of enemies. However OP abilities have their drawbacks. It is extremely difficult to write around them. The only way to make it fit into the plot is to either disable the power through some excuse or create an even more overpowered villain.

Code in Boruto
Code is Unbalanced because of Rasengan Uzuhiko | Boruto Viz Media

It will be interesting to see how Masashi Kishimoto eventually surpasses this loophole. If the after-effects of Uzuhiko only compunds as long as the planet spins, will an enemy stop the Earth’s rotation to disable it? All eyes are on the mangaka and his next decision that will either make or break Boruto.

You can read Boruto: Two Blue Vortex on Viz Media and watch the Boruto anime on Crunchyroll.


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