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“Oh baby you fat. You need to lose weight”: Henry Cavill’s Ex Gina Carano Was Also Fatshamed Like Him, Started Training With the Same Guy Who Humiliated Her To Become a Martial Arts Legend

"Oh baby you fat. You need to lose weight": Henry Cavill's Ex Gina Carano Was Also Fatshamed Like Him, Started Training With the Same Guy Who Humiliated Her To Become a Martial Arts Legend

Gina Carano is known for her amazing fighting skills and just how well she can mix her talent as an actress with her martial arts. To wonder how she got into the life of skilled fighting and how she discovered it, Carano has to thank no one but the very individual who body-shamed her in the first place.

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Gina Carano

The actress revealed in an interview what exactly inspired her to get into mixed martial arts and how she discovered her love for it. Her story is much similar to that of her former partner Henry Cavill. They both took inspiration from the judgemental look in people’s eyes and turned that into an opportunity to discover what they truly love and are passionate about.

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Gina Carano Started Gymming Because Of Being Body-Shamed

Gina Carano admitted that she had been going through a patch in her life where she had ended up gaining a bit of weight. When she was with her then-boyfriend, she started visiting the gym in order to support him while he was working out. She would just sit there and watch him when one day someone called her out for her weight gain.

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Gina Carano

“I walked into the gym and this Thai guy, this little Thai man was like ‘oh baby you fat, you need to lose weight.'” She continued, “and I started training with him actually.”

She chose to start working out with the same guy who fat-shamed her and he helped her lose weight and discover her love for martial arts. She started fighting in the ring when she first saw it. The day she fought her first competitor was the day Carano knew that if there was one talent she had, it was martial arts. Her love for fighting in the ring only grew and she was able to bring it into Hollywood and show just how great the two can merge.

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Gina Carano’s Latest Movie Was A Box Office Bomb

Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian because of some controversial comments she had made in the past. Her political opinions made the audience cancel her almost immediately, which also forced Disney to then part ways with the actress. Ever since then, the actress released a movie that was produced by Ben Shapiro. Shapiro was recently criticized heavily for his reviews of The Last of Us, with fans claiming that he completely was unable to understand the series.

Gina Carano fired from The Mandalorian after controversial social media post | Entertainment News,The Indian Express
Gina Carano in The Mandalorian

Terror on the Prairie was a movie that unfortunately did not gain success at the box office. Fans claimed it to be too woke for their liking and the movie inclined towards many conservative beliefs. This in turn led to the film not getting much positive feedback.

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