“Oh, I think I really hurt myself”: Jeremy Renner Panicked Because Of Chris Evans While Fighting For His Life After Snowplow Accident

“Oh, I think I really hurt myself”: Jeremy Renner Panicked Because Of Chris Evans While Fighting For His Life After Snowplow Accident

After a long and strenuous couple of months in the hospital and undergoing rehabilitation, MCU star Jeremy Renner has made a tremendous recovery from his horrifying and almost fatal snow plow accident. Thus, he’s now in the clear to be walking around with minimum concerns and being eternally grateful to everyone who supported and prayed for his well-being and recovery.

Jeremy Renner with family and friends after making a full recovery
Jeremy Renner with family and friends after recovery

Despite still having a little trouble walking without support, the star is way healthier and more lively than he was a couple of months back. Although his injury was deadly, he didn’t really understand how grave the situation was until he talked to his friends, where Chris Evans and the others were so concerned about his well-being that it made Renner self-aware of his situation.

Chris Evans Made Jeremy Renner Scared Of His Injury!

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans
Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans

Playing the character of a superhero is one thing, but acting as one in real life is what makes one a true savior. Jeremy Renner made that all too clear when he tried to save one of his family members from a horrific accident by putting himself in harm’s way and suffering a near-fatal injury. Thus, during his time in the hospital, the star was receiving messages from people who were concerned about his well-being, sending supporting words and prayers his way. Although he acted brave enough, the concern from his friend and co-star Chris Evans terrified him of his condition.

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In his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Renner talked about the whole ordeal of the recovery process he had to go through. Here, the Hawkeye star also revealed that during his recovery, he was being showered with well-wishes and prayers, wishing for his comeback from this awful situation. The star also told the host about the amount of concern from Chris Evans and the rest of his friends terrified him by making him realize just how much he had gone through. He said:

“That’s where I sort of found out that I think I was really messed up, like I thought I really got injured. Everybody’s acting like it’s an open casket and you’re living through it. They always give me a reaction, and I don’t know what to say. I talked to Chris Evans and lot of other friends, and their reaction made me feel like ‘I really hurt myself'”

He might’ve gotten a little overwhelmed from all of this, but he’s still grateful to everyone who wished for his speedy recovery.

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Details About The Fatal Incident

Jeremy Renner in the ICU after the snow plow accident
Jeremy Renner in the ICU after the snow plow accident

Back in January, Renner was out with his family and friends in his hometown in Nevada, where he was enjoying the winter. During one of his adventures riding his vehicles in the snow, the tires got stuck in ice. This was the point where the Mission: Impossible star brought out his 14,000-pound snow plow to extract the stuck vehicle. After it was taken care of, Renner realized that the large machine started to slip on the ice and was headed straight for his nephew. Without a second thought, he jumped to save him, and managed to get him out of harm’s way, but became a victim of the accident.

The snow plow hit him in the chest and then ran over his leg, which resulted in him breaking more than 30 bones in his body and mangling his leg badly. The star was kept in the ICU for weeks before he made progress. And now, he’s well on his way to making a full recovery.

His show Rennervations is also now streaming on Disney+.

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Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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