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‘Oh the fans are about to be so mad’: Percy Jackson Series Casting John Wick Star Lance Reddick as Zeus Ignites Fan Debate

'Oh the fans are about to be so mad': Percy Jackson Series Casting John Wick Star Lance Reddick as Zeus Ignites Fan Debate

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an upcoming TV series that has been based on the novel series of the same name by Rick Riordan. It was recently announced that Lance Reddick and Toby Stephens will join the cast as Zeus and Poseidon. Even though the production team is determined to make this series successful, fans are expressing their dissatisfaction at Lance Reddick being the ideal actor for taking on the role of Zeus in the series. 

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Why are Fans so Furious to See Lance Reddick as Zeus?

The creator of the series believed that they needed an actor who had a commanding aura, and Rick Riordan, the writer of the novel series believed that Lance Reddick has the personality that they were looking to portray the character. However, the fans are questioning the authenticity of the series as they believe that casting Godly brothers of different ethnicity would be absurd.

Another user tweeted how the fans of the series would be furious about it

Another fan believes this decision has waged a war with the gods.

A fan believes Lance Reddick as Zeus is a good decision.

Another user backs the decision of casting Lance Reddick as Zeus.

The decision of casting Lance Reddick might sound absurd and wrong to some fans of the series. However, Rick Riordan, the writer of the novel series believes Lance Reddick is the right man for the role, hence fans should watch the series and then criticize the decision.

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What did Rick Riordan Say about Lance Reddick and Toby Stephens?

Lance Reddick and Toby Stephens

In a blog by Rick Riordan, the author commented on Lance Reddick’s personality which made him the eligible candidate for the role of The King of the Gods, and he got goosebumps when Lance Reddick spoke his dialogues. He also praised Toby Stephens for his role and he believes that the pair have done a fantastic job with their roles. Here’s what Rick Riordan commented on the actors:

“As I told him when we met, he has so much gravitas he could pull planets out of alignment, and when he makes his displeasure known to Percy Jackson . . . wow, wait until you see that scene. If you were Zeus, king of the gods, and you could be anyone you wanted, you would definitely choose to be Lance Reddick.”

“When he delivered some of Poseidon’s iconic lines, I got chills. And seeing him and Walker together, you can absolutely believe they are father and son. Not many actors have the sheer power to stand toe-to-toe with one another and convince you they are the manifestations of the sky and the sea, about [to] tear one another apart. Lance and Toby absolutely have that godly aura.”

Rick Riordan promised the fan of the books and the viewers that they would enjoy the TV series as he had been keeping a close eye on the direction of the TV series, and therefore he is confident in the skills of the actors who will be playing their roles.

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Who is in The Cast of Percy Jackson and The Olympians?

Screenshot 1
Leah Sava Jeffries, Walker Scobell, and Aryan Simhadri

The series is full of young talent as we would see Walker Scobell playing the role of Percy Jackson, Aryan Simhadri playing the role of Grover, and Leah Sava Jeffries playing the role of Annabeth.

We would also see popular faces such as Virginia Kull playing the role of Sally, Jason Mantzoukas playing the role of Dionysus(Mr. D), Glynn Turman playing the role of Chiron (Mr. Brunner), Megan Mullally playing the role of Alecto (Ms. Dodds), Timm Sharp playing the role of Gabe Ugliano, Adam Copeland playing the role of Ares, Lance Reddick playing the role of Zeus, and Toby Stephens playing the role of Poseidon.

Even though the live-action series of the novel were a failure, hopes are high for Percy Jackson and The Olympians as the production team is making efforts in hiring the right actors for the role. Moreover, Rick Riordan is also a part of the team, which would assure the fans of the books that they would enjoy the series.

The release date of Percy Jackson and The Olympians isn’t revealed.

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