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Old, Classic DC Movies The Flash Movie Can Finally Make A Part Of The DCEU Multiverse

There are several Non DCEU films that deserve to make it to the DC extended Universe in some fashion. The Flash movie could be the doorway that reintroduces these classics to the new age DC fans. But the question is – will Warner Brothers let it happen?

While the DCEU is vast and ever-changing, the Flash movie will give us a sneak peek into what’s going to happen post the Flashpoint event. The Flash movie could give a passing reference to these movies or even mention them. That way, the movie could open up the gateway of possibility for these DC classics to make it to the big screens in some fashion in the near future of DC Films.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Is Nolan’s Best Work & The Flash Movie Can Make IT DCEU-Canon

The Flash Movie dark Knight
Bane in The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan was the most unlikeliest of choices when Warner Brothers announced that they are roping him in for a new Batman movie. Batman Begins was a roaring success, using deep rooted realism to give us a grounded, realistic take on the caped crusader. The Batman may have been roaring in theaters right now but the audience will forever give the crown to Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

From villains to supporting characters and even the accurate casting, everything in The Dark Knight trilogy screams perfection. It may have lost its way after The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Returns is still light-years better than most other DCEU movies at the moment. The Flash movie could finally include Christian Bale’s Batman as part of the new DCEU Multiverse post the Flashpoint event.

The Vintage Christopher Reeve Superman Movies Are Ripe For The Taking For DC’s The Flash Movie

The Flash Movie Superman
Christopher Reeve Superman

They may not be to everyone’s liking. But the Christopher Reeve Superman movies helped kickstart a revolution in Hollywood. We are dead sure that without Sidney J. Furie, Richard Donner, Richard Lester, Bryan Singer, directors of these Superman films starring Reeve, there would be no superhero genre in Hollywood. The vintage Superman films deserve a spot.

Call us fans of nostalgie if you will. But these Christopher Reeve movies were a big part of our childhood. And not all of them were bad. Before Quest For Peace, Superman, Superman II, and Superman III were the pinnacle of superhero entertainment for the big screens. Reeve is no longer with us but if Warner Brothers allows these movies to be a part of the larger DCEU Multiverse, then it would be a good way to honor their memory.

Constantine Is One Movie Every DC Fan Stands By Even Today & The Flash Film Should Honor It

The Flash Movie Constantine
Constantine – 2005

You can never call yourself a true DC fan if you haven’t watched this 2005 DC film. Keanu Reeves nailed it as the Hellblazer but never got the recognition he truly deserved. This 2005 film is probably cursed to always remain in the shadows. And there’s nothing we can do about it. Or maybe there is something Warner Brothers can do now that we have The Flash movie?

We aren’t saying to make it a part of the DCEU multiverse. But at the very least, it should get a reference or mention because in no way Warner Brothers should let go of this cult-classic. The DCAU is now working in a Justice League Dark sequel project so it makes all the more sense to give John Constantine all the exposure he could get.

Watchmen Is The Perfect Way For The Flash Movie To Introduce An All New Universe

The Flash Movie Watchmen
Watchmen (2009)

2009’s Watchmen is perhaps Zack Snyder‘s finest work after Man of Steel within the DC films canopy. Based on the classic Alan Moore comic book arc, Watchmen stuck real close to the source material and delivered splendidly. Even after more than a decade of its release, Watchmen is still talked about.

Will Watchmen ever get a sequel? The best we got was the TV series. We are not saying it was not good. But it could never live up to the sanctity of the Zack Snyder classic. And there is an upside to having Watchman as a part of the DCEU Multiverse. We can finally have Doctor Manhattan, the meanest DC villain ever and the masterpiece that was Doomsday Clock as potentially live action material.

Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Represents The Best OF DCAU That The Flash Movie Could Easily Incorporate

The Flash Movie DCAU Phantasm
Mask of the Phantasm

The DCAU has given us some great animated flicks. But the best of them all will be Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm. A timeless classic, this movie came way back in 1993. that is almost three decades ago. The Phantasm is a great villain and the twist in the tale in the movie left everyone hanging.

For the first time, we got an animated superhero movie that transcended the cage of Saturday Morning Cartoons. The Flash movie could also give the DC fans an opportunity to have the lam, the myth, the legend – Kevin Conroy, back as the Batman. That alone warrants Batman: Mask of the Phantasm a seat in the DCEU Multiverse table.