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‘They’ll Pull Another Taskmaster’: Olivia Colman Rumored to Play Gender-Swapped Union Jack in Secret Invasion Series, Fans Divided Over Forced Female Characters

There has been an avid attempt by the people to include various genders in the mainstream media for a feeling of inclusion. Although it is very admirable and commendable, several people claim that “forceful” inclusion is not good for the series. Olivia Colman is rumored to play a gender-swapped role of Union Jack in the Secret Invasion series which has fans divided.

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Concept art for Union Jack.
Concept art for Union Jack.

A gender-swapped Union Jack

Olivia Colman (as seen in Fleabag) to play the role of Union Jack?
Olivia Colman (as seen in Fleabag) to play the role of Union Jack?

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Appearing as a soldier of the male gender in the comic books, Union Jack is often compared to Captain America due to the close resemblance of both characters. But according to a recent revelation, Olivia Colman is reportedly in talks with Marvel to portray the character of Union Jack in the upcoming Marvel series Secret Invasion.

A point to note here is that Union Jack is not one character but a title passed on to three generations of people and one of them is indeed female. However, since the series is set during the invasion of Skrulls on Earth, only the character of Joseph Chapman is found fighting Skrulls during this timeline. This could very well mean that Marvel will be genderbending the role of the soldier for Secret Invasion.

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People’s reaction to “forceful” genderbending in Secret Invasion

The Ancient One as seen in movie compared to comics.
The Ancient One as seen in the movie compared to comics.

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The character of Taskmaster seen in Black Widow (2019) was also a result of genderbending. Originally appearing as a male character, the film counterpart saw Orga Kurylenko portraying a female version of the assassin. Although it was not a bad move, the people still felt the need for genderbending a bit more “forceful” than what should have felt more natural.

People took to Twitter to express their opinions about this rumor along with several more gender-bent superheroes that appeared in previous Marvel movies.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion will also include Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury along with Game of Thrones fame Emilia Clarke in an undisclosed role. The series will be the first streaming series that kicks off Phase 5 of the entertainment-giant Marvel.

Secret Invasion is reported to release around spring 2023 on Disney+

Source: Twitter